Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Unique People

When it comes to Christmas, buying gifts can be one of the most stressful parts. There are some relatives and friends who are easy to buy for (God bless the easily pleased) and you know straight away when you see something that it is destined to be theirs. But for others, there is always a bit of a struggle, and the thought of buying them yet another t-shirt or pair of socks just isn’t really cutting it this year. That’s fine, because we’ve made this quick list to help you find something unique, for the unique people in your life.

For the eco-warrior

In current times, it seems as if (almost) everybody is trying their hardest to be good to the planet. And that’s great, and your eco-friendly friends and relatives should be rewarded for all of their hard work to save the earth from plastic and other nasty things. So if they’ve already got a pair of pants to put over their trousers (that was a Superman joke, get it?) then you can get them an environmentally friendly (and guilt-free) gift from somewhere like The Square Peg.

For the drinker

We all have that person in our lives, who would be more than happy with a bottle of less-than-fancy wine and a large glass to go with it. Whilst that’s always a good last resort if you’re doing the Tesco dash at 5pm on Christmas eve, there are a lot of unique ideas out there for somebody who loves a Christmas tipple. There are even upside down wine glasses, and hats that dispense alcohol. We don’t know why, but there just are.

For the reader

Whilst the family member mentioned above is walking around wearing an alcohol dispensing hat and bumping into all of your furniture this Christmas, there are people on both ends of the spectrum to buy gifts for before the big day. If one of your friends or relatives is a bookworm, then getting them something unique (why not try a vintage typewriter?) can also be arranged. You can even get socks with the words ‘Go away, I’m reading’ on the bottom of them. Want.

For the traveller

If you want to buy something unique for somebody who loves travelling, then there are loads of things out there that you can look into. Yes, a map that you can use to scratch off the destinations you’ve been to is cool, but we’re not really expecting them to carry that around and scratch off their next stop during a flight. A jewellery case for women (we all know what it’s like to lose one earring) and a speaker – or other useful gift – for men, is a good idea.

There are many things out there for the unique people in your life, so put down the t-shirts and spend a little more time trying to find that thoughtful gift. You can’t beat the beaming smile of somebody who unwraps a gift that they just love, so make sure that you’re on Santa’s ‘nice’ list for years to come, by choosing the perfect items this Christmas.

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