Why You Should Watch The New Version Of Dumbo With Your Children

When it comes to children’s films, I have no qualms about sharing the fact that yes, my kids love them, but I do too. I’m so relieved that we’re finally in to watching things that have an actual storyline! There have been a number of times when the kids have wandered off and Dave has walked into the living room to see me still fully engrossed in a Disney movie. And these new Disney remakes? My family is all for them. The new and reimagined Dumbo film released this year has already captured hearts across the world. Lucky for us, Dumbo is already available on CHILI.

Not only is the new version of Dumbo a remake, it’s a live-action remake. The classic beloved flying elephant, Dumbo, makes his comeback, yet this new version has a fresh storyline, with a completely different main focus altogether than the original. For instance, this new version of Dumbo primarily focuses on the life of former circus star, named Holt Ferrier, who returned from war. Holt is hired on to take care of a newborn elephant, who, you guessed it, is named Dumbo! This new version of the film focuses more on life around Dumbo and how it affects him and those around him rather than follow his own singular and sweet story line. 

If your kids loved the original Dumbo, this new version is absolutely worth seeing. And even if not, it is a should-see! After all, where else will you watch a sweet story of an elephant that flies with his bopping ears flapping along? Or even if you just like Disney or Tim Burton’s style, it is a movie worth seeing. Especially if, like in our household, your kids are in love with all types of zoo animals! 

Maybe it is better for older children, as director Tim Burton beautifully captures the light and the dark of the film. You really feel as if you are in the midst of circus life in the year of 1919 and some of that might be too much for little ones. Plus, there is a particularly difficult scene when Dumbo and his mother are separated. For some young kiddos especially, some of the tense scenes might just be too much and could be ‘cover your eyes’ moments. However, I’ve been amazed at how well our toddler has just ignored some of the trickier scenes in other movies (I cried my heart out again at The Lion King whilst he just chatted away during the sad scenes!). 

As a pre-warning, there are a couple uses of bad words to know about beforehand so if your child is particularly likely to pick up on things like that you might want to be careful.  That said, yes, it’s a little dark at points with some mild language and thematic elements but it is rated PG after all so it can’t be THAT bad! 

Just like one of the many beautiful messages in the original Dumbo, this version will have you and your little ones being so proud of Dumbo and only ever wanting what is best for him. Dumbo is just a little ray of positivity and the story gives us a wonderful reminder to be compassionate for everyone and everything.

Have you and your children seen the new version of Dumbo? Did you like it?


*This post is written in collaboration with Emily Jones*

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