Ways To Make Your Garden Kid-Friendly

Gardens are for more than show. While you might be content growing things, your kids can get a lot more enjoyment out of the space. After all, there are many family-friendly games to enjoy in these spaces now that summer is here. Embracing that side of things will ensure your children have a great time. Your relationship can be strengthened by garden play too. You can keep an eye on your kids, giving them peace of mind, and they can invite their friends over instead of constantly going out. Still, while garden games might be a win-win for everybody, a few adjustments might need to be made first. Here are some ways to make your garden kid-friendly.

Include a Patio

Your kids need a spot to rest and recharge as they play. Summers can be very hot, so if they can get their energy back outside, they’ll benefit from the fresh air and perhaps be keener to get back into ‘play mode’ after a few moments. Browse these finest quality patio awnings from Nationwide Home Innovations. The fabrics offer maximum UV protection and have the latest motors, controls, and self-cleaning technology. It can be extended to cover more area and is stylishly yet discreetly mounted on your wall to provide shade and shelter. Your kids will sit underneath it to cool off almost immediately. 

Patios can also feature tables and chairs, which means you can provide refreshments and meals for your kids outdoors too. Ultimately, the patio space can be a safe hub in the garden for them during their play.

Change the Plants

Many people are under the impression that UK foliage isn’t that dangerous. Most plants aren’t hazardous to be around, but there are exceptions. Unfortunately, there was an incident recently where a toddler suffered horrific burns after coming into contact with giant hogweed. Other plants can cause problems, too, such as those featuring nettles, thorns, or poisonous berries. Do some research to learn the intricacies of what can transpire here, and look into plants that aren’t as harmful too. 

Therefore, it’s worth sweeping your garden and swapping potentially hazardous plants for more family-friendly iterations. That way, you can have true peace of mind as your kids roam around and wreak havoc. Even if your children are in their teens and know which plants can be harmful, accidents can still happen, so it’s best to remove threats entirely.

Control Distractions

Kids notoriously have short attention spans. Young children, in particular, can quickly lose interest in one activity and simply go wondering. Install a taller fence around the perimeter of your garden. Your kids shouldn’t be able to see what’s happening beyond the property’s border nor interact with anybody over the other side. They won’t be inclined to climb over and go exploring, either. It’s important to give your children their privacy as they play and to make sure their focus is in the garden with their present company. 

It may also be a good idea to remove water features temporarily until your children are older. These additions to a garden can offer a lot of ambiences, but they’re also heavy, wired, and made of hard materials. Accidents involving them can be nasty, and younger children might misuse them, making incidents more likely. 

Add A Chill-Out Space

Having a space for your little one (and you!) to chill out and relax is really important – some quiet downtime outside is good for the soul. Think a quieter area where you can sit back and take in the sights and sounds. You’ll want somewhere comfortable and hammocks are perfect for this; lying back into it either with your little one or with them on their own, and allow the gentle swaying to calm them. Whilst it’s tempting to put something like this in the sun for warmth, we find that a shaded area makes a great relaxation zone in the summer – a place to get out of the sun’s heat and enjoy the patterns of the leaves on the trees! Who knows, you might even manage a joint nap!

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