The Toddler’s Winter Wardrobe With Esprit

We’re definitely in Winter now, aren’t we? I know officially it’s still Autumn but the fire has been lit, the coats are out and the little one’s back in a vest. I’ve got to admit, I’m a little jealous of him. There’s nothing more snuggly (not to mention adorable) than seeing him all popper-ed in to his vest in the morning, suddenly he looks like a baby again. Which is a lie, because he’s growing like a weed. This weekend I fished out the huge coat I bought him only to find it’s too short in the sleeve and stops him moving his head properly. His long sleeve tops all lift up to show that little white-vested tummy and his trousers are resembling a rather fetching, but not seasonally appropriate, ankle swinging design. Put simply, he needs a new wardrobe – hurrah! Finally an excuse to do some clothes shopping… so with the help of Esprit, here are some of my favourite boy-toddler piece’s for this Autumn/Winter season.

Trendy Trousers

A stereotypical ‘boy’, we need trousers that are going to be able to deal with day to day rough and tumble. I’m talking everything from destroying the garden to playdates with friends. If we’re not popping him in some leggings or joggers, I like to whip out a pair of jeans (such as these ones). There’s something rather cute about little boys in little jeans!

The Party Outfit

It’s the festive season so there are plenty of opportunities for popping on our glad rags and doing some festive mingling. I want to get an element of smart dressing without trussing him up like a turkey so a combination of cargo trousers and a checked shirt tick all the boxes. I’m a big fan of this colour combination as well, plus the khaki brown colour hides a multitude of grubby knee sins!

Daytime Casual

When it comes to day wear, I find it easiest to use a vest and long sleeved top approach; that way we have plenty of layers to deal with. We’re big fans of stripes so this stripy top is ideal. For a more pared down look, I’d go for this plain dark grey top. We tend to steer clear of anything too logo-ed, so plain colours with a little detailing such as the breast pocket are right up my alley!

The Snuggly Jumper

I love this little bear jumper (you can find it here). Our little one seems to have lived in bear outfits since the moment he came home so it’s apt that we continue the trend. The tiny applique ears really make it look the part. Perfect for dressing down with some joggers or putting it with jeans and smarter shoes for an afternoon out!

Wintery Warmers

The essentials for a warm winter. Whilst I want cold cheeks and noses, I need to avoid a boy with cold fingers and toes whilst ensuring he still looks cute! This hat, gloves and scarf set is picture perfect. I can’t believe I’ve managed to find a toddler friendly scarf. Now I just need to find a way to convince him to keep it on!

And that’s it for our Esprit winter wardrobe. What will your little one be wearing this winter?

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