3 Easy Fixes For Water Pressure Problems In Your Bathroom

Low water pressure in the bathroom can be so frustrating. You’re hoping to have a relaxing shower but you can’t because all you get from the shower is a lukewarm trickle. The good news is, there is almost always a simple cause for low water pressure, which means that it’s easily fixed. If you are concerned about the water pressure, you should measure it first. Put a jug underneath the shower and time how long it takes to fill 1 litre. If it takes longer than six seconds to fill, you’ve got a problem. In that case, here are some things you can try to fix water pressure problems in your bathroom. 

Clean Out The Shower Head

Sometimes, it’s not the water that is the problem, it’s the shower head. Fine dirt and sand comes through your pipes and it can build up in the shower head over time. As it gets clogged up, the water struggles to get through and it appears that the pressure has dropped, even though your plumbing is all working perfectly. If you only notice the issue in the shower and the taps are fine, this is likely to be the problem. Most shower heads are easy to unscrew and clean out and you can use some vinegar to break down the limescale. You may find that this solves the issue but if it doesn’t, you’ll need to investigate further. 

Install A New Pump

If your water pressure is still low, you might need to give the water a boost before it gets to the shower. Installing a davey pump is a simple fix here and it makes all of the difference. The way that the pump works is that water will be transported towards the shower as normal, but it will pass through the pump first where it will be propelled into the shower, creating more pressure and improving the flow of water coming out of your shower. You can set up a pump specifically for the shower or for all of the fixtures in the bathroom if you have problems with the taps as well. 

Consider An Electric Shower

Often, the water pressure drops and you experience problems with a lack of hot water. This is especially common if the bathroom gets used a lot, so if you are designing a family bathroom, you should consider an electric shower to counteract this problem. An electric shower has a separate tank that stores water just for the shower. The water is then heated by an electric element built into the shower itself. You don’t have any problems with the pressure because it works independently of the rest of the hot water and heating systems in your home. 

Always start by cleaning out the shower head because this is the cheapest fix and it takes 5 minutes. However, if this doesn’t work, a new pump is often the best option because it is easy to install and it makes the biggest difference. Having said that, electric showers are perfect for family bathrooms that get a lot of use because you don’t need to worry about running out of hot water.  

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