How to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to make some improvements, curb appeal is important. Think of your home like a book cover- it sets the scene for what’s inside. Adding curb appeal to your home can be simple, and with a few adjustments, you’ll soon be wondering why you waited so long to make them. 

Add Some Green (Or take some away)

If you’re lucky enough to have a front garden, then a very easy way to boost curb appeal is by adding some flowers and shrubs. Window boxes and hanging baskets work well, too. These are easier to take care of than an entire front garden and can create an impactful entryway to your home. 

If you have a brick driveway, it might be time to address the grass and weeds growing between the bricks which help to make the front of your house look untidy. This is a laborious task, but will look so good once it’s done.

Add More Colour

You want your home to stand out rather than blend in. An easy way to achieve this is by opting for brightly coloured front and garage doors which can significantly change the appearance of a home.  If you have metal or wooden doors then the transformation should be a simple paint job–but make sure to choose a heavy-duty, weatherproof paint. UPVC doors are a little more difficult to change with some investment. It’s worth noting that wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, either. You can get hold of some beautiful wreaths made from seasonal flowers to add a pop of colour and personality to your front door. If not, a simple wreath can also be impactful and won’t look too out of place if you forget to change it for the next season. 

Window Dressings

When improving on the appearance of your home, you also want to be able to focus on the inside- specifically what can be seen from the outside. Windows don’t have to allow people to see right into your home, but you don’t want to make your home seem uninviting by adding ugly shades or office blinds. Instead, opt for some nice shutters which give you some of the privacy you need as well as offering a welcome design statement. Keep your windows clean and sparkling. No fancy equipment is needed for that–and you don’t even have to fork out for a window cleaner. Some warm soapy water and newspaper can scrub dirty windows and bring them up shining- don’t forget to pay particular attention to the window frames, too. 

Update Your Door Number

When you give out your address, people need to be able to see your house number when they come over to deliver something. There’s nothing worse than trying to find a house and suddenly you’re about 10 houses too far away and having to turn back. Clear door numbering helps. A bolder door number will help to quickly modernise the look of your home and help to give it a boost of class. Make sure you opt for a style that matches the aesthetic of your home- for example a 70s build with scripted plaques may look a little out of place. Replacing your door numbers is an easy task that can be completed in no time at all.

Show People The Door

When people come in, they need to know where to come in. A front door that lives behind a simple patch of grass may be complicated to get to- particularly if it has been raining. Design a simple pathway that draws people to your amazing front door. This can either be made from bricks or stone, or created with light or plants if you already have a driveway. 

Tidy Up

It’s all well and good spending the time (and money) adding all of these fixtures, but if the front of your home is cluttered, then it’s going to lack appeal. We all know that too little stuff outside our homes can make it look neglected, but on the other hand, too much can make it look cluttered and untidy. So kids toys, broken furniture, rubbish and old BBQs don’t belong in front of a home that’s trying to speak highly of itself. Introduce maybe a couple of outdoor seats and a bistro table if you like spending time outside speaking with your neighbours. 

It doesn’t have to take a lot of work to make a big difference when it comes to changing the appearance of your home and boosting its curb appeal, but even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. 

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