4 Tips to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

There are few things in life more relaxing than settling down with a good book. It doesn’t matter whether you favour the latest crime thriller, a seductive romance, or a historical biography. Reading broadens the mind, relaxes the nerves, and allows you to enter new worlds and ways of thinking. And the best thing about reading is that you can do it anywhere. You can pick up a paperback on the bus, at the beach, or even waiting in line at the supermarket. But for optimum comfort and relaxation, the best place to get lost in a good book is your very own home reading nook.

A reading nook is simply a comfy area of your home where you can snuggle up, shut out the world, and delve into your favourite page-turner. They can take many shapes and sizes, and are completely personal to the reader. One person’s ideal spot might look completely different to yours. But how do you go about creating your very own reading nook at home? Here are four tips to get you started.

Choose your seat

The most important factor in your reading nook is comfort. You want to be able to sit or lay there for hours on end, and the last thing you need is a bad back. That’s why picking the correct furniture is essential. You might opt for an armchair, a futon, or even a giant bean bag. And for extra coziness, why not accessorize it with plenty of cushions, blankets, plush toys and footstools?

Display your collection

Your reading nook doesn’t have to just be a place to relax. It can also be a place to display your extensive reading collection. Shelves are a great way to show off your favourite books to your guests, and you can order them however you like – alphabetically, by genre, or even colour-coded. For a more bohemian look you might prefer to stack them in haphazard piles. For open-plan rooms where nooks are in short supply, you can create your own private reading area with strategically placed room dividers. Check out these room divider ideas from Tylko for inspiration. 

Add some greenery

Plants are a fantastic way to calm the nerves and get yourself into a relaxed state of mind. Adding some indoor greenery will help you focus on the words of you and make your reading nook look like paradise. Even if you’re not particularly green-fingered there are plenty of species that require very little maintenance such as spider plants and aloe vera.

Optimise lighting

A well-lit nook will prevent strained eyes and headaches, so you may need some additional lighting for evening reading and grey winter afternoons. A warm reading lamp can serve not only as a light source but also an attractive centerpiece for your reading area. For something a bit more unique you could even opt for LED fairy lights, lanterns or a Nordic light stick.

By following these tips you will be well on your way to create your perfect reading area. Just make sure you are well stocked up with reading material and your favourite snacks.

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