A Step-By-Step Guide to Converting Your Loft

For most homeowners, the loft is just dead space. It might be used for storing old possessions out of the way, but most of the time, it only collects dust and cobwebs. If this is the case, it is such a missed opportunity. An attic is essentially an extra room of your house and is crying out for you to make the most of the space. By converting your loft, you not only create more room for you and your family to enjoy, but you also add value to your home and prevent the need to move house if you have a child. In its current state, your loft is a blank slate that you can turn into anything. It could be a new bedroom, a home office, or a gym.

A loft conversion is not something that can be done in a day. It is an extensive project that will take time and money. But if done right, you will get an enormous return on your investment. Follow these tips to make the most of your loft space and minimise the time and effort spent on conversion.


Before starting to convert your loft, you will need to know what is possible. Is your home suitable for a loft conversion? Building a loft conversion will add weight to your house, and you need to be sure the structure of the property will be able to take it. You will need to have your foundations checked to ensure you can go ahead. You will also need to make sure your conversion plans conform to building regulations and take some measurements to ensure it has enough headspace and square footage to meet your requirements.


This is the fun part, where you sketch out exactly what your new loft space is going to look like. What furniture and items will it include? How are you going to use the space? And what will you need to get the job done? Be as clear as possible about your plans before you get starting.


When beginning to convert, you will need to get the big jobs out of the way first. Once you have cleaned up and decluttered your loft, you may need to modify the structure of your attic to allow for the extra capacity, by altering the joists. Many home lofts only come with a rickety wooden ladder, so you may also need to install a new and accessible staircase. You will want to add insulation to keep the space warm even in the winter months or possibly fit new windows for more natural lighting. Once these tasks are complete, you can start filling your new space with furniture, gym equipment, technology, or whatever else you want to include in your new room. Invest in some smart storage solutions to keep your floor space clear and tidy.

A loft conversion can completely transform a house, and there is so much you can do with the space. Do some extensive research and planning in the beginning to make the conversion process a lot quicker and more efficient. If you’re stuck for inspiration, you can get some ideas for a loft conversion here.

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