Effective Ways To Make Your Family Home More Secure

Nobody wants to think about the prospect of an intruder breaking into their home, but sadly, this could happen to any homeowner. We tend to think of burglaries happening to other people in other places but every home is at risk. For parents, there is nothing more important than providing a safe sanctuary for children. In this guide, we’ll highlight the most effective ways to make your family home more secure. 

Alarm systems

If you don’t already have an alarm system at home, it’s an excellent idea to consider bolstering your security. Today, there’s a huge range of smart alarm systems for home security and it’s easier than ever to protect your family and your belongings. Smart systems are designed to make it simple to keep an eye on your property and customise settings and features to suit your needs and preferences. You can watch cameras on your smartphone, check who’s at your door and adjust alarm settings at the touch of a button. If you have an alarm system, this will also act as a visible deterrent for thieves. A thief will be much less likely to target a house that has an alarm. Research different options, compare prices, read reviews and ask friends, family members and neighbours for recommendations. 

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting offers functional benefits for homeowners, but it also enhances security. If you get back late and it’s pitch black, your outside lights will help you to get into your house safely, but importantly, they’ll also put thieves off. Security lighting illuminates the external area surrounding the house, alerting the owners and neighbours to the presence of people walking past or thieves trying to access the premises. There are lighting options to suit all budgets. 


It has become increasingly common to have cameras fitted outside your home. While some people have complex CCTV systems, most homeowners use small cameras, such as doorbell cameras, to monitor their homes. Cameras record footage and enable you to see images and they also act as a deterrent. The chances of identifying and tracking a thief down will increase dramatically if there are camera images or CCTV footage available to the police. 

Doors and windows

The majority of break-ins occur when an intruder enters the property through a door or window. You can improve security by ensuring that windows and doors are locked and replacing old, worn or damaged doors and windows. You could also look into adding a security screen or opt for double or triple-glazed doors and windows. One trick to be wary of is posting items, such as wire coat hangers, through letterboxes to access keys. Many people get in from work and chuck the house and car keys on a table or ledge close to the front door. Try to avoid doing this and keep your keys in a secure spot, which isn’t visible to passers-by. 

Nobody wants to think about a thief breaking into their home, but sadly, this could be a reality for every homeowner. The best way to reduce risks is to be proactive in protecting your home using security measures. Explore smart alarm systems and cameras and add outdoor lighting. Replace broken or damaged windows and doors and lock all your windows and doors when you go to bed or leave the house. 

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