5 Breathtakingly Beautiful Home Projects Parents Have To Keep For Later

As a parent, there is one universal truth you learn rapidly. If it can break, chances are one of your children will break it. Not intentionally, of course. But accidents are more prone to happen when you have children around. Precious vases shatter inexplicably. Expensive art pieces receive unwanted Crayola additions. Even the stunning window glass pane is turned without further preamble into an impromptu football goal post. You love them to bit, but frankly, it’s impossible to understand what is going on in our children’s minds. That’s the reason why every parent will tell you that beautiful home upgrades will need to wait until your children are at an age where you can trust them. The good news is that it gives you plenty of time to save ahead and map out your project to perfection!

Upgrade your mass-produced furniture

Everybody loves IKEA. Why wouldn’t you love the Scandinavian interior magician? IKEA turns chaotic interiors into a clutter-free environment. There’s a nook for every IKEA cube and a shelf in every nook, helping you make sense of your family home. Granted, the kids might have hand-drawn a few flowers and cars with felt-tip pens on the surface of the Sundvik wardrobe, but it doesn’t matter. IKEA and similar furniture ranges are a fantastic choice for families with young children. Units are practical, budget-friendly, and remarkably durable. After all, they are designed with families in mind. So they help organise our interiors in a relatively stress-free nest. Besides, most children furniture items are wipeable… Goodbye felt-tip artworks, and hello clean wardrobe surface!

But in a few years’ time, when your little ones are not so little anymore, you might want something more sophisticated for your decor. Sites such as can be a fantastic source of inspiration for a more grown-up style. And while we might just be creating mood boards on Pinterest right now, it’s only a matter of time before we can finally trust our children with modern Italian furniture and a crystal glass droplet chandelier. 

Clean and organised garden path

How do you imagine the dream garden? As a parent, the most important garden features revolve around your family needs. Typically, depending on how much room is available, families consider: 

  • A playground area for the kids — from a slide to a trampoline, there is a variety of options that will live in your backyard for several years. 
  • A small vegetable allotment that will keep little ones excited
  • A safe grilling area for a summer BBQ party, with a portable or a fixed grill. 
  • If you choose to have them, flower beds are typically kept at the front to avoid accidental stumping. 

Landscaping features such as a garden path tend to be put on hold. The playground area is the most important element of a family garden. So, any additional beautifying features will need to wait until kids have outgrown the playground corner. 

A refreshingly lush bathroom

Bathrooms and houseplants go hand-in-hand in the little handbook of interior style. Adding a splash of green to your bathroom can transform the space. Plants can help regulate moisture levels in the bathroom. So, if you’re worried about mould spores, a decadent zen garden could instantly boost the air quality. Garden-inspired bathrooms can mix elegant design and exciting greenery to create a unique environment. 

Houseplants and young children, however, are a bad idea. Nobody wants little fingers digging through the soil and leaving muddy fingerprints everywhere inside the bathroom. Besides, some children go through an alchemist phase during which they love to mix different products in the hope of figuring out the formula of a unique magical potion. Let’s make it clear that adding mommy’s expensive collagen face cream to a living wall sprinkled with crumbs of soap bar and freshly squeezed toothpaste is not the recipe to Harry Potter’s Felix Felicis potion. It might have the reverse effect and seriously decrease the luck of the potion-maker!

Turning an unused room into a home gym

During the pandemic, many British households have considered the addition of a home gym. The home gym can be a value-boosting upgrade that keeps your family fit and healthy. So, there’s a lot to be said about having your personal fitness centre. However, with young children, you want to prioritise a playroom area where they can safely interact with toys. 

Add a swimming pool

Who doesn’t dream of a pool? Swimming pools increase the value of your property and keep you cool in summer! However, they can be a dangerous feature with young children. It’s best to wait until the little ones are old enough to swim. 

Are you already planning home improvements for when your children are older? You’re one of many parents! But it’s worth the wait when you can redesign your home with a new, sophisticated, and luxury decor. 

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