Why You Should Be Buying Antique Jewellery [Ad]

When you’re looking to invest in a new piece of jewellery, the choice can be overwhelming. What style do you look for? What budget can you work within? Where do you even start to look? But before you wander in to the next high street chain, why not consider buying an antique piece instead? We’ve teamed up with Carus Jewellery, specialists in antique jewellery, to share our thoughts on why your next jewellery purchase should be exactly that… antique.

1. It’s Got History

Let’s start with the emotional side; there’s something rather nice about knowing that something you’re wearing has a history. Whether it’s an engagement ring from the Art Deco period or a pair of earrings that look like they’ve been to many a ball, antique jewellery has a comforting feel to it of knowing that you’re following in the footsteps of someone in time gone by. Just imagine what those pieces have seen throughout their lifetime… if only jewels could talk, eh?

2. It’s Highly Sustainable

With so much focus on sustainability these days, the fashion industry often gets bad press for not practicing it as well as they should. But antique jewellery is a classic example of a perfectly sustainable fashion – after all, re-using a product is actually considered to be better than having to recycle it! By re-using jewellery you’re reducing the requirement for new precious metals and jewels to be mined thus reducing the impact on the environment and the carbon footprint of your jewellery. You’re also reducing the need for that piece of jewellery to be recycled by helping to give it a new lease of life, so you can be proud to be supporting a highly sustainable industry when you buy antique.

3. It Could Be Better Value For Money

When it comes to purchasing jewellery it’s often considered to be a long term investment – after all, if you’re talking about buying rings for example, they’re likely to stay with the owner for the rest of their life. But when you’re making a big investment you want to know that you’re getting the best possible value for money. That’s where antique jewellery can really come in to it’s own as you tend to avoid having to pay the initial high mark up associated with new jewellery. Think of it in a similar way to buying a brand new car; you know that the value drops the minute it leaves the forecourt! In avoiding this, you’re likely to get more for your investment, meaning you can get a higher specification or work on a lower budget that you would otherwise be able to afford.

4. It Retains Its Value Well

Antique jewellery tends to retain its value well, meaning should you decide to sell it on at a later date you’re unlikely to lose huge sums of money on it. You may even be in the fortunate position of your piece going up in value if it’s a popular style or there’s an increase in demand for it. Whilst that may not be your sole reason for looking at antique jewellery pieces, it’s always nice to know that you’re investing wisely (and another way to justify buying more!!)

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