Five Easy Swaps for a Healthier Lifestyle in 2022

Studies conducted after the first Coronavirus wave in early 2020 show that the pandemic has caused many people around the globe to reevaluate their lifestyles and opt for healthier habits. However, creating the lifestyle of your dream might not be an overnight project, but rather an ongoing commitment. Get started with these easy swaps and start building the best daily routine for you. 

Take the Stairs

More exercise is key to a healthier life. And yet, as we all rely more and more on technology, we need to leave our office desk less and less during the day. If you are working a full-time job, looking after your family, and trying to keep your social life dynamic, there is probably not so much free time you can use to go to the gym. However, moving your body is not only important to achieve your weight goals – but it also promotes healthy blood and oxygen circulation, and promotes endorphins production, which are hormones responsible for making us feel happy! Taking the stairs can be an easy swap to move more during your day. 

Try Plant-Based Alternatives

A plant-based diet is emerging as one of the healthiest and most sustainable alternatives for people to adopt. While going vegetarian or vegan overnight might not be so appealing to you right now, you might consider trying out initiatives such as Meatless Monday or Veganuary. With little commitment, you can test out this lifestyle and learn whether it is beneficial to you.

Try Meditation

For many, watching TV is a great way to kick back and relax. However, spending time in front of a screen might not be ideal when you are trying to live more healthily, get a better night sleep, and live a more dynamic lifestyle. While you should not miss out on the programs you love the most, you could consider swapping meditating for 10 minutes before switching the TV on – or enjoying other activities in your day. 

Pick Up a Book

We all tend to spend hours scrolling through social media. While you might not be able to just close all of your accounts without regrets, you can opt to swap your phone for a book for just ten minutes before going to sleep. Keeping your eyes away from the screen for just a few minutes can truly help you regain your sleep quality –  which is necessary to exercise, feel at your best, and live healthily. A win-win!

Use Alternatives

Changing your lifestyle can take weeks or months, and some habits are truly hard to die. However, new tools, such as smoktech, non-alcoholic liquors, and plant-based meat alternatives allow you to create a better diet, give up alcohol at least a few times a week, and reduce -or quit! – smoking. While giving up a habit can take quite some commitment, there are plenty of tools and help you can use out there to help you speed up your journey. And remember, building a healthy lifestyle requires an ongoing commitment, so don’t beat yourself up for leveraging the alternative products out there. Instead, congratulate yourself for the good work!

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