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6 Strategies to Decorate a Nursery That Won’t Make You Go Broke

There is nothing more satisfying than watching your children grow up. It doesn’t matter if they are turning into adults or still in the crib, it is an amazing thing to think about how quickly time goes by. One of the things that every parent thinks about at some point is what their child will do when they grow up. Will he or she be a doctor? A lawyer? Or maybe just a stay-at-home mom like you? No matter what, one thing is for sure: Your kid needs a nursery. Here are six ways you can decorate your nursery without going broke.

Choose The Main Theme

If you are on a tight budget, have your child help with the decorating. Kids love to participate in this kind of project! The best part is that they will be inspired by their favourite colours and toys. This could give them a better idea for what they want when it’s time to plan out their room as an adult. Invest in a mobile, or string up some vinyl records instead of using picture frames for artwork. It never hurts to switch things up every once and while. A mobile can be hung over the crib to entertain your child, or you could put one on their dresser so they have something new to look at when they get older. Vinyl records are another option that will always add character into any room but also provide hours of entertainment as well.

Switch out your furniture with colourful options like a bright blue chair next to a green tablecloth- this is an easy way to make it feel more youthful without adding too many items. If you don’t want colours everywhere, try painting just the walls light purple with dark blue accents. Adding a rug to the floor is another way to make it feel more personal for your child, and you can also take this opportunity to add pops of colour or patterns in other parts of the room by adding them onto pillows, curtains, sheets- anything. One quick change that will instantly transform any nursery into something new is changing out all the artwork on their walls. Try using bright colours like pink and green instead of blue as well as drawing pictures with crayons on large pieces of paper- this will allow children’s imaginations to run wild while they are playing in there.

Stick to Washable Wallpaper

One of the best ways to decorate a nursery without going broke is by purchasing washable wallpaper. This will save you from having to paint or cover up your walls with anything, and it can be removed in case they get dirty. However, if you are not keen on this idea but still want something new, try painting just one wall white first before adding any items onto it- that way when you buy an item for them, they have somewhere else to put it besides their floor.

Create the Right Atmosphere for Daytime Naps

Another thing to think about when you are decorating your nursery is what atmosphere would work best for a day-time nap. If the room has too many colours and patterns, it might be hard to fall asleep without getting distracted. Try painting one wall white with light purple accents, or any other colour that interests you. Then invest in some calming window treatments like curtains or sheers so they will feel serene and grounded for their afternoon naps. You could also try adding natural elements into the space by placing flowers on all surfaces- this will help them unwind because of its soothing fragrance as well as provide an opportunity for creative expression inside their playroom. To achieve this, you can research where to buy the best indoor plants at affordable prices. 

Don’t Clutter The Room

One more tip for when you are decorating your nursery is to not clutter the space. The more items that are in there, the harder it will be to keep everything organised and easily accessible- especially because kids like to get into things! If you have a lot of little toys, try storing them in bins or baskets so they can still see what’s inside but don’t always feel tempted to take them out. It also helps if any furniture has storage underneath as well like a dresser with drawers or bookcase shelves – this way all their treasures won’t end up taking over their playroom floor too quickly!

Personalise The Space

The last tip for decorating a nursery that won’t break you is to personalise the space. If it feels like there’s nothing on their walls, try making them with craft paper or crayons. You can also buy items in stores and around your home like pillows that represent their interests – this way even if they are older, they’ll still be able to enjoy seeing some of those memories from when they were younger every time they look at them. For instance, you can make sure each wall has an art project displayed and hung up-this will give kids more creative control over what goes on the wall as well as help them learn about colours and shapes while having fun doing so. When deciding where to put them, make sure to include a few spots for each of their interests and what they love in particular- this will make the room feel like theirs and more personalised.

Now that you know some of the best ways to decorate a nursery without breaking your bank, it’s time to get started. Whether you have an idea in mind or just want something new and fresh- there are many different methods for staying on budget while still getting exactly what suits their interests. Make sure to take everything into account when designing their space.

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