Smart Ways To Create A Green Home

Interior design trends come and go all the time, but green living is one that absolutely needs to stay. The planet that we live on is in trouble. Every day you hear another story about a species going extinct, a forest being wiped out, or an icecap melting. These problems are huge, but that doesn’t mean that you’re helpless to stop them. In fact, you can lend a hand from the comfort of your very own house. With that in mind, here are five smart ways to create a green home.

Stop Heat From Escaping

Most of us use far too much energy trying to keep our houses warm. If you have your thermostat on high, but find yourself shivering any way, then the problem is likely lack of insulation. Thankfully, there are many ways to stop heat from escaping your home. You could invest in double glazing, for example, and hang thicker curtains over the windows. Since most of the heat will escape from the roof, you should also consider having attic insulation installed.

Let The Sunlight In

Thicker curtains may be able to keep your house warmer, but you shouldn’t leave them closed every hour of the day. This stops the sunlight from shining into your property, which not only makes it darker but colder too. If you did this, you would have to use even more energy to both heat and light your house. For this reason, you should keep your curtains open throughout the day. You can maximise the amount of natural light in your home by hanging mirrors on the walls.

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Not all kettles, cookers, and washing machines are created equal. Some use much more energy than they need to carry out the same tasks. With that in mind, you should buy energy efficient appliances instead. This can cost you a little more, but you might be able to snag a good deal at a washing machine sale. Since the sun can only light your home for so long, you should switch out all of your light bulbs for an energy-saving kind too.

Pick Pre-Owned Furniture

When the time comes to buy a new sofa or table, you should check out charity shops and online listings before heading to a furniture store. More often than not, you can find high-quality pieces in these places, but for a fraction of the cost. By choosing pre-owned furniture over something brand new, you reduce your contribution to landfill sites. You also use up fewer resources, resulting in a smaller overall environmental impact.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Keeping your home clean benefits the planet as much as it does your health. After all, some bacteria are incredibly harmful to the environment. That being said, you must ensure that you clean your house the right way. Many cleaning products found in homes are full of harmful chemicals, which can impact your health and the health of the world around you. Switching to natural alternatives, like lemon juice, on the other hand, poses little risk, but works just as well.

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