Our Garden: Final Reveal

Getting To The Root Of Whether Trees Could Work In Your Garden

With their age, majesty, and beauty, trees can be an amazing addition to any outside space. From forests to parks, we all love to run our hands over bark that takes us back down the centuries. Unsurprisingly, then, many of us are keen to mark our own moments in time by adding trees to our outdoor spaces. There’s no denying the refreshing benefits this can bring, including aesthetic appeal, fun for the family, and a whole lot besides. The trouble is that, if you’re starting from scratch, it’s all too easy to go wrong. After all, a poorly planned tree planting can result in a whole range of issues that grow with the tree in question. Make sure that this relatively permanent decision is right for your garden by answering the following. 

Do you know the type of tree that would suit your space?

For practicality purposes, it’s first vital to consider whether there’s a kind of tree that could suit the space you’re working with. After all, a redwood that spans up to 300 feet is never going to look right. Rather, you need to do a little research into what heights you can expect, and even what types of tree are recommended for your lawn size. Small lawns, for instance, can look amazing with the addition of an Acer, while a large space would surely benefit more from something a little larger like a Birch tree. For the most part, a quick bit of internet research should be able to point you towards a suitable option, but you certainly shouldn’t rush in if you aren’t 100% certain of sizes and growth speeds beforehand. 

Our Garden: Final Reveal

Do you have space to position your tree wisely?

Whatever tree you choose, you also need to make sure that you have the space necessary to make it work. After all, if your only planting option is next to a window, even a small tree will likely block a fair amount of light. Equally, pipeline roots in sewer lines could soon become an issue if you aren’t able to plant your tree far enough away from your sewage pipes. Instead, tree planting is only really possible in open spaces where you can be sure that there’s nothing underground (sewage pipes, water mains, etc.) or overhead (electrical wires,) otherwise, it might be worth reconsidering. 

Are you aware of the maintenance necessary?

Like anything in the garden, it’s also vital that you understand the maintenance needs of any given tree. However, unlike most gardening excursions, you can’t typically maintain a tree yourself. Rather, tree owners have a responsibility to contact expert tree surgeons at least once every three years to keep overhanging branches and any potential hazards in check, and also to ensure their tree is as happy as healthy as it can be. 

Ultimately, it’s vital to remember that a tree is for life, not just for the season. Make sure, then, that you and your garden are ready for the commitment before you jump into it headfirst.

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