Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home Decor

Decorating your family home can be a stressful and costly affair, not to mention time consuming! What if we told you that refreshing your home decor doesn’t need to be stressful? We’ve pulled together some simple ways to update the space your family enjoys without taking up hours of your time or breaking the bank? Whether you’re looking for a quick refresh or you want to bring some of your own touches to a rental space without making the commitment, we’ve got something for you. Intrigued? You should be…

The Child’s Bedroom

A really quick and effortless way of updating a room is to use wall stickers or decals. Whilst you can get wall stickers to suit almost any room and feel, one of the most effective ways to use these is in a child’s room. Let’s face it, it’s a space that needs to grow up with them and what better way to make it theirs? When you’re planning a child’s room, opt for neutral tones which can then be spruced up and personalised with wall stickers, as your child grows simply change the scene or remove it completely! It’s also far less stressful than trying to apply wallpaper or large murals as you can fit the stickers around the space you have and the furniture within it. This is also one of my favourite tricks for places where you’re unable to paint the walls i.e. some rental or temporary properties as not only are wall stickers easy to apply, they’re also designed to be removed without damaging the walls.

The Room With The Dodgy View

We all have a room with a dodgy view, don’t we? Whether you’re looking straight out onto the kitchen bins or you’re overlooked by a neighbour or busy street, you’ve got options. Whilst traditionally you’d end up with a blind or curtains to restrict the view, these can also restrict light coming in to the space and be a costly addition. Instead, window decals are great for hiding all manner of sins! They work in a similar way to wall stickers except, you guessed it, they stick on the window instead! Add frosting, a design or even child friendly patterns depending on the room that you’re in and give yourself something more pleasant to look out on whilst creating privacy. They’re also great for bringing personality into rooms where you can’t put decoration on the walls themselves such as those with exposed stone or bricks.

The Living Space

Whilst this is aimed at covering the living space, this simple update is particularly suited to anywhere with a hard floor; kitchens, hallways, living rooms.. it’ll work anywhere! So let’s talk rugs. Rugs are great for breaking up large spaces of flooring, adding an extra ‘cosy factor’ to a room or hiding damaged and worn flooring. However, traditional rugs can be tricky to clean (particularly in high traffic areas or homes with pets and/or children!), can get in the way and can be expensive. Instead, why not consider looking at vinyl rugs? Available at an affordable price point, vinyl rugs are easy to clean, low profile (i.e. they don’t stick up too far off of your existing floor unlike many fabric rugs) and come in a huge range of vibrant designs and textures. Perfect for sprucing up a tired looking hallway, adding a cosiness to a living space or protecting the floor in a child’s bedroom – the possibilities are endless!

The Bathroom

Finally, let’s cover the bathroom as it’s always a difficult space to refresh. It’s important your bathroom feels clean and comforting – because that’s how you want to feel when you’re in there. When we think about updating a bathroom, we often jump straight to re-tiling walls or replacing the furniture that’s in there, but these are time consuming and expensive ways of doing it – and not always the most practical if you don’t own the property. Instead there are two tricks you can use to quickly make it look fresher and more inviting. Firstly, invest in a grout pen as a fast way of freshening up dirty, old looking grout between tiles – there are different colours available depending on whether you want to go for a white grout or even create contrast with black grout. Secondly, update your shower surround either by investing in a new curtain or jazzing up your glass panels with a shower sticker. There’s a huge range available to suit all design tastes although my preference has to be for the more muted designs that look like they’re etched onto your glass. Not only do they up the wow factor of your bathroom but they’ll also give you a little more privacy in the shower in the mornings!

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