Six Home Maintenance Jobs You Shouldn’t Forget

We all know that there are certain household jobs we dislike doing. Whether it’s doing the weekly shop or cleaning the toilets, everyone has their own nemesis of the housekeeping world. But what about the ones we often forget? Looking after a home isn’t just about the day to day jobs; it’s about maintaining it as well. A little time invested now could save you from having big problems in the future. Now sure what I’m on about? Here are some of the often overlooked maintenance jobs you should be doing in your home.

Clear Gutters & Drains

Your home’s guttering system is probably something you never think about. That is, until it goes wrong. Your gutters collect the rainwater happily off of the roof and channel it away from your home in a controlled manner. It’s a simple solution with minimal fuss. However, if your gutters or drains become blocked, water can back up and start to pool. This can quickly cause water damage to your home as, thanks to gravity, the water finds another way to re-enter the water cycle. The main culprit for causing these problems? Leaves, moss and other detritus which builds up in your gutters over time – ours even had grass growing in them! Make sure to give your gutters (and your drains and downpipes) a good clear out at least once a year, especially around Autumn time thanks to those pesky leaves!

Look After Your Heating System

Heating, it’s another thing that we home owners take for granted. The central heating installation cost is never cheap but it’s an investment in your home that’s worth doing (for both ease and adding value to your home). Once you have it, you need to give it a little TLC every now and then in order to keep it in tip top condition. That means arranging a boiler service with your local plumber. It may feel like an unnecessary expense when your heating’s working fine but it’ll help preserve the life of your boiler for as long as possible. Still got an old, inefficient boiler? It might be worth checking out new boiler prices on a more efficient model to keep you warm this winter.

Bleed Those Rads

Still on the subject of heating systems, it’s time to think about bleeding those radiators. Air can get caught in your heating system making it less efficient. Have you felt your radiator when it’s on and found the bottom is warmer than the top? That means you need to bleed it. Simply use a screwdriver or a radiator key to turn the screw on the side (at the top) of your radiator. You’ll hear a hissing noise as air escapes the circuit. Release it a little so that the air flows out but you can quickly turn it off again once finished. Have a towel held directly under the valve to catch any water spray off and keep going until water starts to come out. It may come out black or clear; it just depends on how dirty your heating system is!

Take Care Of Your Roof

Your roof can often be overlooked when it comes to home maintenance, despite how much wear and tear it’ll go through during a typical year. This leads to more and more damage in time, so paying some attention to the roof is recommended. Even a regular inspection is enough to help, and getting a roofer to carry out any repairs makes sure there aren’t any issues later on.

Sweep That Chimney

Whilst we’re talking heat, it’s a good opportunity to remind you to get that chimney swept. Chimney fires are often caused by a build up of soot and particles in the chimney that remain alight after the fire itself has died down. To make sure your home is as safe as possible, and your fire is working as efficiently as it can, you should get your chimney swept annually. You can do it yourself fairly easily if you invest in a brush or you can get someone in to make it as effortless as possible. Personally I prefer the second option, they’re far cleaner than I am at it!

Check Alarms

Fire, carbon monoxide and burglar alarms should all be checked regularly, particularly the first two. There’s no point in having an alarm in your home if the batteries have run down so make checking alarms part of your regular home maintenance tasks. Thankfully many alarms have a run-down noise that they’ll make when the charge is low. Don’t put it off!!

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