Six Types of Expenses Involved in a Divorce Process in the United Kingdom

Getting a divorce can be challenging – physically, mentally and emotionally. Contemplating the situation and fighting waves of emotions will take most of your time. However, you need to keep it together. Know that this is a tough phase, but it will pass. At the end of the day, hope is what keeps us alive. That said, there are other important aspects like adhering to laws and divorce expenses you need to take care of. Ignoring these might bring additional trouble, which we’re sure you do not want. To simplify things for you, we’ve mentioned important divorce expenses that you should know. Take a look.

Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Hiring a divorce attorney is perhaps the most important decision. After all, your attorney will guide you through the entire divorce process. They will be in charge of representing you at all legal proceedings, negotiating a settlement with your spouse’s attorney and ensuring that you get what is rightfully yours. Legal advice fees are usually paid by the hour. How much you need to pay your attorney depends on their experience level, success rate, and reputation. It’s best to determine a budget for your attorney fees before hiring someone. Another important factor is whether your spouse will hire a divorce attorney, too. This might affect the final amount you pay during the settlement. You can speak to your attorney about working out an hourly fee that you’re both comfortable with.

Name Change Fees

If you decide to change your surname during the divorce process, you can do that through the UK Deed Poll Office. It is a straightforward online and cost-effective process. In fact, changing your surname can help you feel that you can start a new chapter of your life. For the name change process, consider consulting with your attorney. They will guide you with the local rules and regulations.

Court Fees

Court filings can deplete all your savings. So, it’s best you plan your finances in advance if you know that divorce is inevitable. Court filing fees are imposed by the local authority where you reside. The fees charged can be steep, so it’s best to take your attorney’s advice for such filings.

Notary Fees

Notaries play a vital role in filing and verifying documentation. They are responsible for verifying that you’re the person who signed your document. Notarisation fees can be expensive if paid by the hour. However, if you find an experienced notary, it will cost less. There may also be additional costs depending on the notary’s jurisdiction. Factor in the postal fees, too, if you want to save more.

Processing Fees

Settlement of financial matters in a divorce court is a time-consuming and expensive process. Settlement can include division of property, debts and child support payments. In some jurisdictions, the processing of parties’ divorce documents is free. However, you need to pay a fee to get your divorce approved by the court in most cases. Talk to your divorce attorneys to get a clear idea of the processing fees. This is important to ensure that you don’t overpay anywhere.


If you’ve opted for postal service while filing your documents, be prepared to pay for postal fees. However, the postal charges are usually not too high. Still, you can avoid paying these fees by using a courier service instead.

Final Word

A divorce can feel draining in every way. If you want to make an informed decision, consider preparing for the expenses mentioned above. As divorce expenses are closely related to your local laws and other regulations, it’s advised to consult a knowledgeable attorney.

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