How To Transform Your Garage Into Something More Practical

Focusing on improving the exterior of your home often involves garden or foundation projects. People typically think about the grass, fence paint, patios, and flower beds. However, many people never think about upgrading the garage. The garage is a fundamental part of the home. Although it is often used as a dumping ground for things that no longer fit in the home, it is possible to make it a savvy storage space as well as a usable room for other things. Hence, here is how to transform your garage into something practical and attractive. Say goodbye to a messy garage and hello to a beautiful exterior room.

Upgrade the floor

The garage floor is a feature that many people often neglect. They either leave it as it comes when they buy the house or they let it go and become muddy and dirty. However, upgrading the flooring by using Fusion Coatings is an ideal way to protect and modernise your garage floor. They will act as a durable coat, which will ensure that they are less vulnerable to damage. 

Install a mudroom

Another genius way to take better care of the garage and its flooring is to create a mudroom. A small space where people can take off their muddy shoes before entering the space will ensure to keep it as clean as possible. After walking through the garage a few times with muddy boots, it might feel difficult to clean and therefore, you might let it get dirty and unusable. Therefore, install a mudroom, or at least a space to take off dirty shoes, to ensure you take good care of the floor and help your garage always look clean, appealing, and usable. 

Make it a hobby/workspace

Should you work from home often or run your own business, you could transform your garage into a place to work from. Or, you could create a space where you can practice and enjoy your favourite hobbies. Simply installing a desk or area to work from will make the garage somewhere you can go to and rely on for peace and quiet. Some people find it distracting working inside the house, especially if other people are home. Therefore, you could turn the garage into something more practical and double it up as a place to store your car, your things, and a workspace. 

Remove internal walls

Some garages might feel a lot smaller than they actually are because of internal walls. So long as the walls are safe to remove without the roof caving in, you can remove these walls and open up the space. You might have once installed a wall to protect your car or create a spare room. But, if you want to open up the space and turn your garage into a more practical and usable room, making it as big as possible will help. 

Treat it like a room inside the house

As well as upgrading the floor, you might want to take the renovation one step further and decorate the garage like it is a room in the house. You could plaster the walls and ceiling and make it feel like an interior room. Other ideas to make the garage feel more comfortable and homely include:

  • Add soundproofing materials. Soundproofing the garage will allow you to have peace and mind and/or not distract the neighbours. Should you want to use the space to practice your favourite instruments, then soundproofing the space is a good idea. 
  • Add lights. Some garages might have one extremely bright light as a practical way to light it up when you go in to find something. However, if you are wanting to use the garage as a more practical space, upgrading the lighting will help it feel more homely. 
  • Paint it. If you decide to plaster the walls, then why not paint them to make them feel like your interior space? You can paint it brighter or calming colours, which will be a great change from the metal or brick that is already in place. 
  • Add heating. A garage is often a cold place. Therefore, you can make it more comfortable and homely for those work from home days with heating. You can add insulation to maximise the warmth and install central heating so that you can stay warm, no matter the weather outside. 

Using these tips, you can transform your garage into a much more practical, attractive, and usable space. Simply making it feel homely and opening up the space can make a huge difference and encourage you to utilise it more. 

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