Efficient Cleaning Hacks For The Busy Mum

If you often arrive at the weekend, only to see that your humble abode is a bit of a sty, you might dread picking up the hoover to begin a mammoth clean. Keeping your home neat and tidy can seem like a challenge if you have a couple of little monsters darlings running around, but it can be achieved. You need to be like a cleaning machine with regimented routines that allow you to maintain a level of cleanliness throughout your pad. This means implementing a range of hacks to stop you from pulling your hair out when it comes to cleaning your home.

Don’t Do A Room At A Time

It’s crucial that you embark on a clean of your whole house rather than doing a room a day. Choose one task rather than one room, and complete that task in every room of your home. This could be the dusting, the vacuuming, or the window cleaning. This way, you will never feel like you are doing the same task continually, sapping your morale and motivation. While you are embarking on a clean of your whole pad, you can declutter along the way. This means clearing the ‘stuff’ from the floor and putting it back in its rightful place whether this is on a bookshelf or within some hidden storage furniture.

Dust And Vacuum (In That Order)

Don’t vacuum before you do the dusting. This leads to further dust particles falling to the floor meaning that you need to re-vacuum. This is inefficient and wastes time and energy. Instead, dust using a microfibre cloth. These nifty bits of material may be more expensive to purchase but they don’t simply move dust around a surface, they actually pick it up and remove it from your furniture. Focus on the underneath of shelves, your TV screens, and your blinds. When it comes to vacuuming, consider a robot vacuum to make your life so much easier. No longer will you need to rely on a cordless machine with its limited charge. You can set your compact robotic vacuum off on its journey and it will hoover up dirt and dust from your entire home without the need for your supervision.

Have A Cleaning Tool Station

For the most efficient cleaning, you need to have all of your tools and equipment in one place that can be mobile as you move room by room. If you are forever rushing from your bedrooms down the stairs to grab polish or anti-bac, you’ll get tired. Have a mobile caddy and enjoy having all of your gear to hand. You can go through your entire home wiping down all of your hard surfaces with the disinfectant spray on your belt. From the kitchen worktop to the light switches, your entire home will be hygienic and safe for your brood.

When you complete a clean, don’t forget to actually clean your cleaning tools! Dust can collect on cloths, vacuum filters will need washing, and scourers will need rinsing. Putting grime on top of grime can result in your merely spreading the dirt across your home rather than cleaning it off. Becoming efficient at cleaning can be challenging but by following this guide, you may even enjoy keeping your home neat and tidy.

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