Six Reasons To Renovate Your Bathroom

When it comes to home improvement projects, many of us focus on our living rooms and kitchens, as these are the places where the majority of our time is spent. However, there are occasions when money could be better spent on a bathroom renovation and we discuss the reasons why you might consider the possibility below.

#1: Your bathroom needs a facelift

When you’re lying in the bath or sitting on the loo, does your heart drop every time you look at the room around you? If the various fixtures and tiles are outdated and old, now might be the time to make a few changes. You could replace your old bathtub and sink with something more contemporary, for example, and you could add fresh tiling, such as these elegant-looking terrazzo tiles, to give your bathroom more aesthetic appeal. Also, shower mixer taps save space, water and pretty much never go out of style.

Our bathroom decoration ideas might be useful to you if you want to create a more impressive bathroom so check out our tips if you need some more inspiration.

#2: You want to add value to your home

If you’re planning on selling your home in the future, it’s a good idea to add value to it to up your property’s resale value. There are lots of ways to add value to your home, from adding another bedroom to renovating your kitchen. Another way to add value is to remodel your bathroom into something more modern, perhaps with eco-friendly features (such as dual-flush toilets) that many home buyers will be looking for. Alternatively, you could add a second bathroom, such as something en suite, as this will also be a selling point for your home.

#3: You have a growing family

If you have children at home or if you are inviting older family members to come and live with you, it might be that the size of your bathroom isn’t big enough to accommodate everybody. As such, you might want to consider a bigger bathroom as this would provide more standing room for family members sharing the space. You would also have more room for storage for the extra towels and other bathroom items that your family uses.

Alternatively, you could opt for a second bathroom if there is space in your home that can accommodate it. This could even be an en-suite bathroom in your bedroom as privacy would be less of an issue for you when you’re trying to relax in the bath or get ready for work in the morning. A second bathroom elsewhere in the house will have the same benefits for other family members.

#4: Your bathroom isn’t safe

Your bathroom should be a relaxing haven and not a health and safety risk so if there are any problems you should get on top of these quickly. A common health risk is mould which can grow if your bathroom isn’t well-ventilated. People with respiratory issues are most at risk as mould spores can affect their breathing but anybody can become unwell when exposed to mould for an extended period of time. You might need to renovate your entire bathroom if mould is a massive issue or you might simply need to add more ventilation, perhaps by installing an extra window or an extractor fan.

The flooring in the bathroom can also be an issue if it is slippery. Slip-resistant flooring would help with this issue as would extra rails around the bathroom that can be held onto by people unsteady on their feet. There are some general tips on bathroom safety here that are recommended if there are children or elderly people living in your home.

#5: You want to cut down your energy bills

Energy bills are a hot topic at the time of writing because they are more expensive than ever for most of us. If you’re trying to reduce your energy costs, there are all kinds of things you can do in your home, from purchasing less expensive forms of heating to insulating your property. You can also cut down your bills with a bathroom renovation. You could cut down your water bill by installing low-flow sink faucets and a low-flow toilet, for example. To save on heating, you could add underfloor heating which is cheaper than having your radiators turned on. You might also want to add another window to aid with ventilation as you wouldn’t need to have the extractor fan on for long periods of time.

#6: You need a place to relax

We all need a place to relax and unwind. When the pressures of the day get on top of us, there’s nothing better than a nice relaxing bath to help relieve our stresses. But if your bathroom isn’t very relaxing, perhaps because people are constantly knocking on the door wanting to be let in while you’re having a soak, or because it’s not aesthetically pleasing to you, then you may be more stressed than relaxed when you finally get out of the bath!

As we suggested, you could add a second bathroom as this could act as your private getaway with all of the things you need to help you relax. Alternatively, you could renovate your existing bathroom. You could refashion the walls with more calming colours and add a light dimmer switch so you can make the room feel more peaceful. You might also want to add more storage if there is a lot of clutter causing you to stress and even a set of bathroom speakers if you would benefit from zen-like music pumped into the bathroom. It might also be time for a new bath if your current tub is too small and cramped so check online for something new and buy according to your budget.


These are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider a bathroom renovation so consider the option if you have related to anything we have said here. Be sure to check out our article on things to keep in mind when renovating your bathroom to ensure the renovation goes smoothly.

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