7 Staircase Safety Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Whether you own a home or commercial property, having your stairs working well can prevent many unintentional accidents. Recent study revealed more than 1000 deaths related to staircase injuries occur every year in the U.K. Despite the alarming figures, many property owners may overlook staircase maintenance, which can lead to more problems in the future. If you don’t want to suffer financial losses related to such accidents, these safety tips got you covered. Read on and gain vital insights for enhancing your property’s staircase safety.

Structural Inspection

Many homeowners may concentrate more on the staircase appearance, forgetting safety should come first. Due to high traffic on staircases, wear and tear may occur, exposing users to increased accident risks. That’s why you need regular staircase inspection to spot loose wedges and cracked treads. Identifying these issues earlier allows you to initiate the necessary repairs and prevent possible accidents. If you discover severe structural damage after inspection, you may want to redesign or replace your stairs for advanced safety. For property owners looking to boost safety in their premises, these stair treads may help.

Consider Thorough Cleaning

Intuitively, staircase users may support themselves with railings when using the stairs, and in homes or commercial properties with high traffic, it’s no doubt many hands touch the railings daily. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook maintaining the stairs’ hygiene. Cleaning may not only involve buffing and dusting. You may require thorough scrubbing to get rid of mud and other sticky substances. You also want to eliminate microbes by disinfecting the rails. While cleaning the stairs may depend on several factors like the rail material, here are some things you may need to get the job done:

  • Cleaning agents
  • Polish
  • A duster
  • Disinfectant
  • Vinegar
  • Olive or vegetable oil
  • A spray bottle

Ensure Handrail Functionality Is Top Notch

As you focus on the appearance of the stairs and home security, you need to keep essential factors in mind, such as handrail functionality. Staircase accessories, functionality, and usability are vital considerations you shouldn’t ignore. For example, the handrails not only enhance your stairs’ appearance but also boost safety. When ascending or descending the stairs, you need the handrails for support. They are essential, especially if seniors and children are likely to use the stairs. To improve strength, you may opt for steel handrails. These require less maintenance but can offer the support necessary for preventing accidents.


Consider an Anti-Slip Surface

Having an anti-slip surface for your staircase can prevent unintentional stair accidents. Stairs without slip-resistant materials can contribute to fatal slip-and-fall accidents. Fortunately, installing an anti-slip surface can reduce staircase accidents. If you’re looking to reduce accidents on your stairs, it would be wise to use materials like rubber on the trades’ edges. You can also consider slip-resistant paints to get the job done. Stainless steel products can help if you want to enhance support.

Maintaining the Stairs Aesthetics

Aesthetics should come once you’re sure of your stairs’ cleanliness and structural integrity. While you may invest in your staircase’s strength, continued use may compromise its appearance, leading to visual degradation. Whether it’s tread discolouration due to sunlight exposure or broken baluster, you need repair to maintain your stairs’ appeal. For commercial property owners, overlooking such issues can be detrimental to businesses. This is because customers using the stairs may see such staircases as unsafe for their use and look for safer options. Enhancing your stairs’ aesthetics is an essential maintenance part for every property owner. Having damaged stairs may cause unintentional accidents and prevent users from reaching their destinations.

Improve Visibility for Users

For users to watch their steps and avoid slip-and-fall accidents, enough staircase lighting is essential. In addition, homes with seniors and children should have proper lighting systems and ensure maintenance for optimal functioning. This can enhance your safety and that of your loved ones. On the flipside, stairs with improper lighting can be detrimental to the safety of children and elders. For example, if they ascend or descend without focus on their steps, they can fall and suffer unintentional injuries. You don’t want anyone injuring themselves on your premises, and the best way to avoid it is by ensuring proper lighting.

Check for Surface Imperfections & Initiate Repair

While you may be careful with your staircase maintenance, scratches, dings, and dents are inevitable after long-term use. The good news is you can spot these issues early and tackle them before they cause more damage. Covering scratches or dents shouldn’t be daunting. All you need is to apply wax on the dented surface area as soon as you notice them.


Property owners who ignore staircase maintenance risk lawsuits related to slip-and-fall accidents. They need to ensure their staircases are safe for visitors and users. You don’t need to suffer financial losses dealing with such cases. Let these safety tips guide you to make informed decisions.

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