The Advantages Of Using Artificial Grass For Your Family Lawn

If you spend countless hours on lawn upkeep when you’d rather be spending time together as a family, stop. There’s no need to battle to keep a lawn alive when there’s a safe, beautiful and practical alternative. Opting for an artificial lawn is a smart choice for the family, whether you have toddlers who love to put everything in their mouths or sports-mad teens who need their footie fix. Here’s why you should think about investing…

Safe for children

With an artificial lawn there’s no more mud, no more head bumps, and no more chemicals. Opt to have your new lawn installed over a child-friendly soft mat system and all ages can enjoy the garden without fear of falling and getting hurt. This type of system is becoming increasingly popular in schools and playgrounds where highly coloured grass and fun motifs can make the entire play area come alive.

The soft and natural feeling blades of your grass have excellent bounce back ability, which means they can stand up to the pounding feet of a football team as well as a summer BBQ. And because artificial grass is woven like carpet, the durable fibres can’t be pulled out by pudgy little fingers or digging dogs.

Soft sustainability

If you’re doing your bit to reduce water wastage and the use of chemicals around the home, artificial grass is a great way to contribute to your efforts. You can significantly reduce your water bills when you no longer have to water a living lawn. You can also do away with the fertilisers and weed killers that filter into the ecosystem and are so dangerous for humans and animals. Which means that your artificial lawn is naturally greener and much safer than a living lawn.

Get creative

Artificial grass is so versatile, you may not want to save it for the garden. Why not create a beautiful garden theme for a nursery or a sports theme for an older child’s bedroom using artificial grass as carpet? Your creativity needn’t stop there. With such a wide range of different grasses available, you can create a garden with grasses that meet everybody’s needs while saying bye bye to back-breaking maintenance.

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