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You’re a parent and need some ideas of activities to do with your children indoors when the weather is not helping. Your kids get quickly bored, and you have run out of all your ideas to keep them invested.  Well, if you are looking for some ways to save the day, a craft might do the trick and permit you to have some time for yourself.

Kids are easily interested in craft activities that require their involvement and they will be highly enthusiastic to see the things created on their own. So, here are some ideas for crafts and activities that will keep your kids happy and entertained.

Design a custom T-shirt

Find some old T-shirts you know your kids don’t wear anymore, and let the magic begin! You will be surprised by the enthusiasm your kids will have when they create brand-new clothes with their own hands. Let their creativity run wild and bring them all the little things you think they need: glitter, rope, ribbons, decorative accessories, glue, and some paint. Kids have a broad imagination, so they will have plenty of ideas to decorate it.

Painting T-shirts is a good choice because it will transform some old boring clothes into something very colourful and unique pieces of art. After all, you may see your kids’ special talents and discover that you have a little Picasso next to you. If you have more than one kid, after this activity, you can also organise a fashion runway in your living room and let the kids steal the show with their attitude. They will be very happy to have their own first catwalk.

Make homemade cookies

Kids love cookies, and this is a fact that everyone knows. So why not get all cheerful because they get to bake and eat their favourite dessert? Maybe you also need to spend time in the kitchen. Well, this is a good activity because you will have the kids around you and can make two things at once.

Prepare the dough,  give the kids some to let them get used to the texture, and start the recipe. Once ready, add some chocolate chips and sprinkles, and your cookies look like they are out of a kitchen magazine. It’s time to enjoy the sweets you made with your little chefs.

Play the gardener

Gardening is an interesting way to make your kids learn new things. It is not only for keeping the little ones busy but also to develop new skills like the love for nature, responsibility, and creativity. So, trying this while staying at home is a great opportunity. 

Go and buy some flowers or seeds,  soil for the plants to grow, and start with the planting. If you don’t want a lot of mess in your home, you can do this activity on the balcony.  Choose some nice balcony pots and let the fun begin! You need to remember your kids to take care of them carefully and water the plants from time to time!

Experiment with air dry clay

Using air dry clay is a great way to create new objects. Your kid wants to make new ornaments for the house or to have their new favourite cartoon characters? You can do everything you want with the air dry clay.  

You can create clay dishes because they are easy to make and fun to decorate. And now you will have new dishes you can serve your kids, and you can also offer them as gifts. If you want to go beyond the limits, help your kids create an entire world, like a fairy house. You can decorate it with leaves and nature items and let your kids paint it as they like.

Transform some old objects

With kids, it is impossible not to have something you know they will not use. So, why not try transforming them into new objects? Try it with some old toys, change the look of a used teddy bear, or revamp the dolls’ dresses, and your kids will see that they have created something new. 

You have a lot of broken crayons, and don’t know what to do with them?  You can melt the crayons and give them new life through figurines. If you want to play the gardener again, to keep the kids busy all day, you can change the aspect of your planters, so choose some pots from elho and let your kids decorate or paint them as they wish. 

Think of some crafty constructions

If your kids like to make more complex projects, encourage them to do so. You can do an easy activity with marshmallows and toothpicks because you surely have the objects in your home and try to unite the two items to make a crafty building. It is an excellent activity to let your kids become little architects for the day.

Meant for all ages, this experiment can be a lovely and open-minded project that will let their creativity take control and an easy game to play indoors. You can transform it into a competition and see who can make the tallest construction or the most innovative one.

Final words

In the end, no matter what activity you choose to do, your kids indeed spend some high-quality time with you. Encouraging them to engage in all kinds of creative activities early will develop their creativity and make them confident and conscious of their actions. 

This type of exercise will help in creating a special bond between you. So, whenever you have time, try doing some crafts and activities together, and you will not regret it. And the best part is you have so many options that you can change them every time and be sure your kids will always be cheerful at your new idea. 


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