How To Stay Sane During Black Friday

People who are easily distracted by shiny things, whether actual or metaphorical (guilty as charged), one of the best things you can do when Black Friday rolls around, is to make (and keep updating) a shopping list, and sticking to it! Hands up if you’ve ever been that person walking around and around a big department store, stuffing things that look useful into your trolley, only to forget about them later. Yeah, you – I see you. 

Here’s how the ideal Black Friday list works:

  • All those shiny things that draw your attention? Write them down! Then mark which ones you need, and which ones you want. This will help you make the important distinction that will stop you from overspending. 
  • Make a note of the prices that you see in Black Friday advertising, to compare to the regular prices.
  • If it’s something you really need to get, compare prices on the same item across different stores, and check if the prices fluctuate between the two. 
  • Make sure to tally up the totals of what you intend to spend. No-one is expecting you to keep a detailed budget, but you will definitely thank yourself on Saturday when you are not out of pocket! 

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Speaking of Saturday…

Although it seems obvious, keep your Black Friday purchases to the Friday. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s a jungle out there. People go in tooth and nail, and by Saturday, you will probably leave the store empty-handed and terribly disappointed. Another top tip is to keep your shopping to the early hours of Friday. Not only does that guarantee you a greater stock variety, it also beats the crowds! 

Start Feeling Appy

There are many ways to score a couple of great pre-Black Friday deals– watch for discounts on groceries in particular in the days running up to Black Friday. Alternatively, use one of the several deal-finder apps that can be found in the major app stores to help you zero in on the best deals. Many also have extra offerings, like coupons and discounts. 

Is That Original Price Really Original?

Those stickers that go onto the products to make the discounts look good, can be more misleading than you thought. Price comparison apps can be a great ally in helping you source a variety of original prices across different stores, to help you get a better idea of what the original prices actually are, and can play a large role in preventing you from being tricked. 

You can also follow the stores that interest you on social media to see what is on offer at their branches. Many stores also use social media to send out coupons, codes, and exclusive previews. Bear in mind that the point of Black Friday is to save money, so make sure you keep that in the back of your mind, to help you steer clear of useless, but well-priced items that are designed to make you spend your money unnecessarily. It’s better to spend full price on things you need, than to pay cheaply for things you don’t. 

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