7 Tips for Storing Seasonal Decor

Spring has sprung! It’s time to break out those fun florals and pastel cushions. Changing up your home decor can help you appreciate what each season brings and lets you creatively embrace classic and modern pieces. Storing seasonal decor in your can be challenging, especially when you don’t have a lot of space. Here are seven tips to help you enjoy decorating throughout the year. 

Take a Seasonal Inventory 

It happens. Whether you find something you can not resist on a store shelf or are gifted something sentimental, it’s easy to end up with more decorations than you thought. If you are not using all of your decorations during their season, it’s probably time to sell or donate them. When you switch your seasonal decor, look at what is there. What can you let go of, and what do you want to display proudly? You can sell them online or donate them to families who cannot afford decorations. 

Once you sort your decorations, list the ones you keep. That way, you won’t forget to store everything back when the season is over. 

Choose Practical Storage Totes 

If you store all of your decorations together, the right containers are important. Plastic totes work fine, but consider clear or colored versions to identify where things are easily. Color coding your totes allows them to blend into basements that double as living areas. The clutter is out of sight and out of mind. Clear totes allow you to see what’s inside each tote easily and can be great if you want to select things to display sooner than others. If you don’t have a wide area to place totes, consider choosing ones that interlock, creating a safe stack to access. You can keep the next season’s decor on top of the stack.

Use Egg Cartons for Small Items 

Egg cartons are cardboard or foam, but their design allows for impacts without immediately crushing the delicate eggs inside. The same goes for the small trinkets you like displaying a few months each year. Small ornaments, easter eggs, marbles and even seasonal jewelry can be in a carton until you are ready to use them. You can gently wrap the items in bubble wrap or place them in small plastic baggies for extra protection. This method is an excellent way to recycle egg cartons and save money on fancy containers. 

Store Multi-Use Items Separately 

Some items are themed to a season but can have other uses. A comfortable Easter blanket or Christmas pillow might be handy in a pinch. A towel is a towel and cups are cups. You can use them around the house even when it is not the correct season. Storing things you might use during a different time in separate containers can make them easy to access without digging through your other decor. You could even store these items in a cabinet or dresser drawer to use throughout the year. It is harder to keep mold off of cloth items, making it more than worth keeping away from basements, attics and storage sheds. 

Use Labels 

Labels can significantly cut your decorating time. Even in your totes, bags, boxes, newspaper and thick bubble wrap can make it hard to remember where things are. You can purchase labels to write on or get a label maker to discover what you have in storage quickly. Getting reusable labels will help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. When you know everything at a glance, you’ll spend less time sorting and more time enjoying your decorated home. 

Hang a Shoe Organizer 

If you store your decor in a closet, consider utilizing a shoe organizer. The pockets make it easy to store small items and keep things safe without the weight of other objects or containers. These can be fantastic for artificial flowers, stockings, garlands or small statues. If you have more pockets and decor, you can also use them to store extra bubble wrap or seasonal clothing items. Hang the organizer on the door or get multiple to hang on hooks around your storage projects. 

Wrap Your Lights 

Hanging holiday, patio or fairy lights is a great touch to illuminate your interior and exterior spaces. However, they can be a nightmare to untangle after being in storage for a year. Avoid lighting woes by wrapping the cords taught but not tight around a strong piece of wood or cardboard. You can also use a hangar to warp smaller strings. This hack is a game-changer for enjoying your seasonal lights without damaging them or causing stress. Another option is to use specialized containers meant to preserve your string lights. Just ensure that you choose a size compatible with the length of your lights. 

Storing Seasonal Decor

Decorating your home for each season is a great way to express your creativity, celebrate holidays and make memories with family and friends. By storing them well, you can enjoy your items year after year. 

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