Are Electric Vehicles Safe for Families With Small Children?

If there is one thing the internet has proven to be, it would be a hotbed for misinformation. This was something evidenced during the height of the Covid pandemic and is still going on, to some extent, on anything and everything related to SARS-CoV-2. From how it spreads to the safety of vaccines, you will find a preponderance of misinformation that, unfortunately, has led many to their deaths. 

Now that you want to know if electric vehicles are safe for families with small children, you will be subject to the same kinds of opinions being expressed as fact. If you want to know just how safe EVs are and if you should get one as your next vehicle, you need to know where you should go for the answers you seek. 

Let’s Start With Something We All Know!

The first area of consideration would be the environment. Everyone knows just how lethal all those fumes are from vehicles burning fossil fuels, so in terms of that, EVs are infinitely safer for families with small children. Although you probably shouldn’t, you could leave your EV running, in a garage, for example, without the worry of killing everyone in the car from carbon monoxide poisoning. No fossil fuels are being burned.

Cost vs Safety – An Important Factor

Any parent would tell you that they would pay much higher costs on any product whatsoever if it was the safest product on the market for use with or around children. And, so it is with electric car costs. Before discussing the other major safety concern let’s talk about cost for just a moment. Knowing that safety is of utmost importance to parents, you would think that cost would not be an issue even if EVs were much higher priced than petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. 

Since there is so much misinformation regarding electric car costs, it should be said here that powering them is half as expensive as the cost of petrol cars. Check out this electric car pricing guide on the ElectriX website to get an idea of the costs. As a leading insurer of EVs, costs are important to them because that is how they price policies. With that said, let’s look at one more safety risk factor their actuaries assess.

Crash Safety

You will hear it said over and over that because EVs are smaller than most fuel-powered cars, they are not as safe. That is another leading bit of misinformation being spread around the Web. According to the NHTSA in the United States and agreed by the NCAP, the European New Car Assessment Programme, passengers are less likely to be injured in a crash because of the heavy housing protecting the batteries in EVs also protects the frame of the car, and, consequently, the passengers in the rear seats.

So then, if cost is an issue, yes, the initial cost may be greater but the savings on powering the vehicle will compensate for that over time. A safer vehicle is also worth more to families with small children so is cost really that important? Safety of the children is the primary concern and that is worth more than any other factor when buying a new car. 

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