How To Stay Warm In The Evenings

We might be working on Spring right now, but the bite of winter is still catching us in the behind. We need to know how to keep warm through the day, but we also need to stay as warm as possible at night time, too. The house in which you live in is a good place to start, but you have to make sure that you feel warm, too. 

With that in mind, think about how you can stay as warm as possible in your home. You need to be comfortable, and electric heaters are convenient to dot around the house. However, you need to be well-prepared for any other frozen moments at home. Let’s talk about how you can stay warm in your house when the central heating just isn’t doing the job.

Block Out the Wind

You will find yourself feeling colder if you’re not blocking out the wind in the house. You need to think about how you live, so if you only have single glazing and not double, you have to think about the air leaks around the doors and windows. These will make the wind stop coming through the house. Winter drafts account for dropping the temperature in the home in a very big way. This is the same rule for your car: you want to make sure that you aren’t suffering in the chilly winds if you don’t have to be. Adding curtains and an extra blind to the windows will also help you to keep the winds out of the house. You can keep the sunlight coming in without too much of a chill in the air, and if you add a solar curtain, you can even block out the sound! Roller smart shutters are a good option too, to keep the elements out.

Insulate Well

You can supercharge the warmth in your home with insulation in the walls. If you add more than you have, you’re going to feel warmer and stop the heat that you are generating from escaping any further. Heat rises through the house, so the more insulation you add, the better. Older houses often need a little more insulation to make them feel warmer, so the more layers you can add the better. You can pad the outer walls with paper and cloth, and it will always help you to stay warm.

Reinforce The Walls

As much as possible, you need to have the sun hitting the house. The sun will warm the house and at night, you can use that warmth and the electric heaters to keep things warm, too. The biggest place in the house that needs to have warmth is the bedroom. You need to feel comfortable while you sleep, and with the tips below, your bedroom can be the warmest room in the house:

  • Add extra bedding to the beds to layer up the warmth on the bed. The bedding plays a big part in how warm your bedroom is as it will insulate you and keep the heat while you are sleeping. When there’s a cold night, you can feel comfortable in all weathers. The bedroom may not be as warm as you’d like, but pillows, blankets and layers will do the job.
  • If your bed is a saggy one and becomes uncomfortable, then you need to swap for a bed with better support. Look for a mattress that has a thicker side to use during the winter and make sure that it’s not broken. A broken bed doesn’t retain the heat OR give you enough support! Mattresses that have an extra thick side to use during the winter are a better option than most. Fleece blankets and flannel sheets are everything that you need to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.
  • The right heaters are the best option for your bedroom and the rest of the house. Most of the time, heaters cost high electric bills but electric heaters are convenient and the right company won’t charge so much when they are switched on to keep you warm.
  • Hot water bottles can really help you to feel warm and ready for the night in the home. You need to think about having them with you on the sofa as much as you have them in the bed with you.
  • Lastly, electric blankets can be an ideal solution for this as you want to make sure that you have the best possible chance of staying warm. The right underblankets will keep the temperature as consistent as possible.

Stay warm in the evenings and be comfortable!

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