Becoming A Daisy Baby

Today we put aside our general phobia of organised activity and made our way to our first mum and baby group; this time the Daisy Foundation’s Tinies group.

Up until now we’ve been blissfully locking the door in the morning and not opening it again until Mr DM came home from work. It’s been lovely and well, kind of lonely. Yes we’ve got friends and family in abundance but no real baby friends. So, in a fit of bravery, we signed up for the much acclaimed Daisy Tinies.

Taking away the sheer fear of having to leave the house at a set time (a feat worthy of celebration in itself!), the morning was one of the best we’ve had to date.  On arrival, our lovely leader, Sal introduced us all and explained what had happened last week. Tinies run in courses of 6 weeks but we’d been away holiday-ing! We spent the next hour singing, massaging and relaxing, with various levels of enjoyment from the babies.

Tinies is baby led so if you need to feed, cuddle, change or snooze… It’s fine. Monkey spent the first half of the class crashed out on my shoulder like the classic socialiser he is, another baby threw up on the floor. There were boobs everywhere as babies were fed and baby gas release was celebrated.  We learnt that I can’t sing baby songs for shit and the baby loves a good belly rub. Which is good because so does the dog.

After the class came the best bit. Biscuits. Our hour long class ended with a further 45 minutes of feeding (mums AND babies) and chat. We found another baby who suffers poor sleep patterns like us, one who shares our suspected reflux, one who makes our birth speed seem tame. It was like finding our tribe for a second… Mums with the same problems we were facing and in many cases worse.  Having whacked a boob out in public for the first time and made it through a class without a full baby meltdown, we took the win and headed home before we peaked too soon.

Suddenly the world of mums wasn’t quite so intimidating, or lonely.  Any mums out there considering it, check out



  • justanhonestmum 5th July 2016 at 8:10 am

    Well done for facing your fear! Bet you feel so much better forit! ????

  • justanhonestmum 5th July 2016 at 8:10 am

    Well done for facing your fear! Bet you feel so much better forit! ????

    • Devon Mama 7th July 2016 at 8:54 am

      So much better!!

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