Four DIY Essentials When Working On Your Home

With the Summer out of the way, it’s that time of year where we become busy bees in our household. Prepping the garden for the winter and starting back on the renovation works we’ve put off over the summer. This year we’re a little more focussed – we’ve started thinking about potentially moving house. Over the next few months we’ll be putting a little more effort into getting everything shipshape so that it’s not only perfect for us, but it’s ready to go if and when we decide to re-enter the property market – eeek!

When it comes to doing work around the home, there are a few essentials that many people often overlook but that we just can’t live without. So if you’re like us and tackling that never-ending to do list inside and out or renovating your own house, then here are some of the things we absolutely recommend investing in…

Decent Safety Shoes

Safety shoes aren’t just for the workplace – you may conjure up visions of them being heavy or unfashionable but the world of safety footwear has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years. Airtox offer a wide range of footwear that will keep your feet comfortably (and fashionably!) protected whilst you go about your day to day life, including a wide range of trainer style protective footwear. Whether it’s cutting down branches in the garden or putting up shelves it’s really important to make sure that you’re looking out for your feet – after all, nothing slows down working through a to do list than dropping a log on your toes, tripping over the end of poorly designed shoes or standing on a nail or staple. Take that from someone who used to do DIY barefoot and learnt the hard way!

A ‘Two Step’ Ladder

Ahhhh the ‘two step’ – whenever I get it out I get a huge rush of nostalgia for my grandparent’s house as a child. The two step is a small, foldable ladder that has exactly that; two steps. Available from most DIY outlets or online stores, it folds neatly out of the way but serves a number of uses. If you’re someone that tends to stand on chairs to get jobs done or wobbles half way up a stepladder then this is for you. I promise you, you’ll wonder how you lived without. Especially if you’re short, like me!

Safety Goggles

Another one that many of us forget but it’s incredibly important to ensure that you’re protected as you work on your home. All it takes is one stray stone thrown up from the strimmer or a broken drill bit when you’re working and you could cause serious damage. Whilst it can be tempted to think that normal glasses or sunglasses offer you protection, in reality they could do more harm than good if they shatter upon impact. Instead, invest in a decent pair of safety glasses that will protect your eyes

A Wide-Mouth Dustpan & Brush

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, but investing in a large, wide-mouthed dust pan will see you through numerous jobs, indoor and out. We have a wide-mouthed, metal dustpan which allows you to carry a huge amount of waste away from a job. Perfect for sweeping up the last of the hedge cuttings or collecting the last of the wall-paper scraps in. Whilst you’re at it, invest in a good strong bristled brush. You can thank me later.


This post is in partnership with Airtox, a leading producer of innovative safety shoes from Denmark. Using innovative and groundbreaking technologies, Airtox shoes feature protective toe caps, the strongest and lightest anti-penetration layers available on the market and exceptional slip resistance. Not only that, they’re fitted with shock and moisture absorbing insoles and breathable, waterproof uppers – giving you a supportive, protective and fashionable safety shoe. Perfect for seeing you through the toughest of tasks around your home in style! To find your local stockist, click here.

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