Living Room Cosy

Easy Ways To Give Your Living Room That Homely Feel

The living room is where we come to unwind and put our feet up after a long day, so it’s essential that it has a welcoming and homely feel that you can curl up and chill out in. Fortunately, it is really easy to create a cosy feel to your living room by following just a few simple rules. Here are my tips on how to create your own little sanctuary.

Soft furnishings

By adding a variety of textures you instantly increase the rooms cosy factor. Think fur, chunky-knits, velvet and cotton throws and cushions when you are picking out your soft furnishings. Make sure the floor is equally as tactile by getting a big woollen rug, even if you already have carpet down. The key is to layer fabrics to create a generous variety of tactile pieces in the room to generate instant warmth and comfort.

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The focal point of most living rooms is usually a fireplace, whether that be real or electric. If your room does have a fireplace make the most of it! Position seating towards it, and keep it stocked with fresh logs even when you don’t intend to use it through the summer months. Remember to stage your fireplace with a fantastic piece of artwork or large mirror to really draw attention and accentuate it. If you don’t have a fireplace, instead try positioning your sofas and chairs to face each other to create an inviting and friendly layout.

Mood Lighting

Creating ambience through lighting is a must. Living rooms should be softly illuminated with candles and strategically placed lamps in various corners of the room. If you have a beautiful statement light fitting which you want to use, fit a dimming switch so that it still produces a glowing rather than stark light. I would recommend having a few scented candles to add to the array in your living room to make the room even more sensory pleasing, I’m particularly in love with the White Company ‘Winter’ ones… all year round! 

Elements of the Outdoors

To create a timeless country cottage feel to your living room, introduce aspects of the outside. Bring in wooden pieces of furniture such as a fabulous small oak sideboard, or a traditional bookshelf into the room to capture a hint of rural charm. It is always a great finishing touch to have a vase or rustic jug filled with seasonal flowers on the coffee table. It is important to add hints of greenery and life to the room with potted plants and flowers to brighten up your design.

Living Room Cosy

Colour Coded

You have to keep a colour scheme running in the room to make it harmonious and serene. Use warm hues such as gold, creams, greys and taupes to create an inviting atmosphere in the living room. If you are leaning towards experimenting with a darker colour, this too can create an amazing sense of warmth in the room, but make sure that you have sufficient lighting so that the space doesn’t feel like a cave, or begin to look smaller than it actually is. Use your artwork and accessories on the coffee tables and shelves to similarly enhance the colour scheme and add complimentary pops of colours.

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