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Cleaning services have always been in great demand among the owners of apartments, private houses, and office premises. By hand, without the use of professional equipment and special chemical cleaners, it is far from always possible to get rid of all types of contaminants on various surfaces in the down. Below is a detailed description of our cleaning service, as well as information on how to order the service online.

Benefits of our cleaning service

Many Londoners contact us through emop.co.uk as we provide each customer with the following benefits and opportunities:

  • According to reputable rating agencies, we are the best cleaning company in London.
  • Services for ordering cleaning for your premises in any area, regardless of complexity, types of pollution, as well as the category of finishing elements, can be ordered online, directly through our website.
  • Our service is available to order even urgent work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Maximum flexibility in payment for services, the possibility of concluding a formal contract with non-cash payment at the end of the month.
  • Our services start at just £15 an hour, which is significantly lower than many of our competitors.
  • We use only environmentally friendly and completely safe for health hypoallergenic cleaning products that have an official certificate.

We guarantee the highest quality of cleaning your premises on a turnkey basis, we bring all the necessary equipment and detergents with us, and we perform cleaning in the shortest possible time at an adequate price.

Algorithm of working with our cleaning service

The official website of our cleaning service is designed in such a way that it does not require any special knowledge or extensive experience with a PC. Our cleaning service works according to the following algorithm:

  • On the main page of our eMop website, you need to press the “Order a service” button on the electronic button.
  • A simple interactive form will open for the user to fill out before registering for the application.
  • All columns are filled in the form so that the operator can quickly process the incoming order.
  • It is mandatory to enter the exact address of the object where cleaning is planned, including the postal code.
  • Next, you need to select the type and number of rooms, as well as indicate the approximate area of the rooms in which cleaning will be carried out.
  • At the final stage, the type of service is selected – dry, wet cleaning, dry cleaning of carpets or furniture, general cleaning, and other types of work.

After filling in all the columns, the user simply sends us the registration form with a simple click of the mouse button, after which our operator will contact you shortly to confirm the service, and, exactly at the appointed date and time, our team will arrive at the facility.

Part time work compromise

Terms of payment for cleaning services at eMop

When a customer contacts our company once, we accept both cash and bank moles, or transfers for payment. Payment is made strictly upon completion of the cleaning and provided to the customer with the invoice for the services rendered.

If a customer, individual or legal entity, concludes an agreement with our company for the periodic provision of cleaning services, we are ready to open a deposit account, which will record the time spent by our employees on cleaning. At the end of the month or the end of another reporting period, the total amount of the account will be charged to the customer in any way convenient for him.

How can I manage my cleaning service bookings online?

Immediately after making a reservation, and filling out and submitting the registration form, your order will be displayed on the screens of PCs or mobile devices of all cleaners who are also registered on our platform. As soon as the application is approved, you will receive a written notification via your email address or mobile application on your smartphone that the cleaning will be carried out exactly at the specified time and under your wishes.

For each user registered in the system, both on the official website of the eMop company and in the mobile application, an individual account is created for him with a login and password. Here the customer will be able to correct the details of the order, find out the amount of his invoice, and also track the order of the service.

What services are included in cleaning from eMop?

The list of extensive services of our company includes the following types of cleaning, as well as a set of residential or public premises that we service:

  • Comprehensive wet and dry cleaning of the apartment.
  • Periodic or one-time office cleaning.
  •   Separate cleaning of any room in an apartment or a private residential building – bedroom, living room, dining room. The same set of services applies to office space.
  • Cleaning tiles and sanitary ware in bathrooms, showers, and toilets.
  • Comprehensive cleaning of the kitchen, including cleaning of ceramic tiles from layers of old grease, sinks, and countertops from mold.
  • Inset cleaning of public premises in multi-apartment residential buildings – stairs, elevator or apartment halls, entrances, and concierge rooms.
  • Treatment of all polished or matte surfaces – furniture, household equipment, and electronic devices with special safe compounds to reduce static electricity, which prevents dust from settling.
  • Polishing and removal of grease stains from mirrors, glasses, showcases, and other transparent surfaces using special degreasing liquids.
  • Separate cleaning of refrigerators, TVs, and other appliances with radiator using a special narrow nozzle on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Assistance in unfolding, sorting, and hanging washed clothes in closets and on shelves.
  • Cleaning, polishing, and restoring window and door handles, switches, and sockets, as well as other electrical points in the room.
  • Cleaning of chandeliers, floor lamps, spotlights, sconces, nightlights, table lamps, and LED strips.
  • Cleaning of carpets with a vacuum cleaner, dry cleaning of these floor coverings.
  • Washing floors with condemning environmentally friendly compounds, and stonecrop baseboards in rooms.

Upon completion of all cleaning work, our employee will carefully pack and take out all the garbage, and only after that will hand over the finished object to the customer. If necessary, each owner of the premises, in agreement with the contractor, can order many additional services that are not included in the list.

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