Nine Time Saving Tips For Working Parents

Feeling flustered? Discover 5 things you should organise this month

Do you spend the latter part of every month struggling to keep up with all those tasks you avoided at the beginning? We all have busy schedules, and it’s not always easy to keep up with all the demands of everyday life. Birthdays, dental appointments, meetings, homeschooling…it’s an eclectic mix of demands and obligations that suddenly sneak up on us when we’re not looking! 

Thankfully, the start of every month allows us to start afresh and get a good handle on everything we need to do. Being super organised isn’t as difficult as you think! You can start right now. Here we’ll explore 5 things you should remember to organise this month. 

All those photos

Do you have thousands of stunning photos trapped inside your phone? Instead of uploading them all to social media, it’s time to get those favourite images printed off and put on display for everyone to enjoy. It’s quick and easy to upload your photos to Facebook or Instagram, but nothing beats holding a real, physical photograph in your hands. You could have them printed onto canvas or buy a photo wall and completely transform the appearance of your home. Seeing the smiles of your family after a busy day at work will bring you more joy than a digital image on an app ever could. 

Clear out your purse and handbag

All those receipts, change, letters, rubbish and even crumbs from your lunches on-the-go can quickly build up throughout the month. So, taking just ten minutes to clear out your purse and your handbag can help you feel more organised and sorted for the month ahead. You might come across the receipt of those jeans you intend to return, or that letter that you forgot to mail. Your bag and your to-do list will seem a little bit lighter afterwards.

Go through your appointments

Do you already have appointments scheduled for the month ahead? Remind yourself of what they are and place further reminders in your phone. If you need to book an appointment with the dentist, hairdresser or your little ones need their flu shot, for example, find out when these appointments would be better for you and schedule them. 

Clean up your workspace 

If you’re working from home, you’ll understand that it won’t take much for your desk to quickly become cluttered with old papers, dirty mugs, dust and rubbish! Take some time to clear and clean your workspace so you’re ready for the month ahead. It’ll do wonders for your stress and your productivity levels. 

And finally, sort out your budget

We’re all trying to save a little money and make ends meet. So, if you want to get financially ahead this month, take some time to sort out your budget, now. Figuring out how much you have left to spend after you’ve paid your bills will keep you in control of your money and allow you to set some money aside in your emergency fund. 

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