Five Ways to Be a More Eco-Conscious Family

We’re all looking out for ways that we can make a bigger impact on saving the environment and being more eco-conscious about how we live our lives every day. With a couple of big decisions and some small changes, it’s not difficult to be the change we need in the world and help keep our planet in good shape.

Choose Electric Vehicles

When it comes time to replace the faithful family car, don’t opt for another gas-guzzling one, but instead have a look at the hybrid and fully electric vehicles on the market, and make the decision to leave gas-burning and polluting cars behind you. Electric vehicle technology has come a long way and is a viable alternative to gas-powered cars. In fact, any form of transportation you own can be electric, even your golf cart. If you’re worried about the impact that batteries might have on the environment or how often they might need to be replaced, have a look here to clear up any confusion or misconceptions.

Avoid Single Use Items

Single-use items are one of the major contributors to the amount of garbage and waste we are producing. Opting for things you can use over and over instead of single-use items makes a huge difference to the amount of waste you generate, and your impact on the environment. Stop buying single-use plastic bottled water, consider switching to cloth nappies instead of disposables and decline plastic straws and cutlery when you get takeout. Do your part and try to reduce the amount of garbage you as a family generates.

Start Recycling

Getting into the habit of recycling at home takes almost no effort at all, and if we all do it, it can have an enormous effect on the size and impact of landfills and decomposing trash we generate. There are recycling programs in almost all major cities and towns, at many schools, and some programs may even collect from your home just like the garbage is collected. Simply add a second or third trash bin to your kitchen for recyclable goods, and as you throw things out, put them in the correct bin. Using different color bins can even help the younger family members contribute to recycling and make them feel involved in the family’s efforts to be more eco-conscious.

Start a Compost Bin

Along with a recycling system, why not start a compost bin too? It can be as simple as a corner of the garden dedicated to a compost heap or bin, or you can opt for a more modern and high-tech solution, some of which can even be kept indoors. All you need to do is throw your food scraps and organic waste into the compost bin and nature will do the rest. The resulting compost can be used in the garden, increasing the health and growth of your plants, which is great for the environment too.

Conserve Water

Water is one of our most precious resources, and as human beings, we use a lot of it. Not only do we need it to stay hydrated and to cook with, but we also use it for our showers, baths, gardens, and toilets. Conserving water won’t only bring down your household utility bills, but it will also contribute to the sustainability of our planet. You can save water with some easy changes in your home, like fitting a low-flow shower head, reducing the time you spend in the shower, and stopping using the bath. Simple changes to your routines can save a lot of water, like turning off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth and getting a dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand.

Just a few minutes a day can make a huge impact on how eco-conscious we are as human beings, and as a family!

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