Five Ways to Make Family Movie Night More Entertaining

Nothing beats having quality time with your family. Families create a strong relationship when they interact on a personal level, whether it is at the dinner table or watching a movie together. Amidst the busy weeks you have, having an activity to do will help you wind down and spend more time with your family. It is essential to spend time together as a family on purpose. Family time will boost children’s confidence, teach them how to interact with others, and create lovely memories that will last a lifetime. With today’s hectic lifestyle, and with more to do than can often be actually achieved per day, quality family time does not have to struggle. Making movie night as a family tradition will give you benefits that go beyond entertainment. Whether you have a small or a large family, nothing surpasses cuddling up to watch your favourite movie. Your children will enjoy snuggling up with you and sharing the experience on the screen.

Watching movies is a simple leisure activity that you can do with your family to create long-lasting memories. It is the kind of childhood memories that people talk about until today! Movie night does not have to be just about sitting down in front of your TV. Check this out to see if there is anything that you can add to spice up your next family movie night.

Be a Popcorn Chef

Popcorn is a must-have snack when watching a movie. However, your kids might have a different flavour that they like or want to try. The most common popcorn is caramelised popcorn. But instead of having the normal flavoured popcorn, why not have each family member mix up the latest flavour sensation for movie night?It’s a fantastic way to let your creativity and imagination run wild as you toss in whatever you want. You can be mixing marshmallows with chocolate, cookies and crème, or just some cheddar cheese. If the kids enjoy making popcorn, they will look forward to finding new recipes and movie night will be their favourite family time.

Watch it Outside

There is another way to watch a movie, not only on the screen of your television. If you have a projector screen, taking your movie night out to the yard under the stars is an exciting way to spice things up. It adds a fresh and exciting twist to traditional family movie nights. It’s a movie in the form of an outdoor adventure! You also get to spend more time outside in the fresh air, which is always a plus. According to research, spending more time outside helps relieve stress while also promoting creativity, and feel-good hormones.

Set Up a Fort

You will never be too old to enjoy putting up a fort. While you may not be able to fit as comfortably in a fort as you once did, allowing children to bring their blankets, pillows, and mattresses to the living room allows them to keep the energy burning. These forts will bring back strong memories of their childhood. Even though they were probably not particularly attractive or well-built, kids will remember them because they were theirs. It is also another way to foster creativity as a kid.

Cook a Themed Meal

Cooking is a fun activity that you can do with your children. Other than giving them various activities to do, it can teach them the foundation of eating healthy food. It may require some flexibility and simple preparation. Just make sure it is a meal that everyone can enjoy. Making a themed dinner together is a fun way to make the night feel more special, though it can be difficult depending on the film you choose to watch. Whether you make a simple banana split dessert as you watch The Jungle Book or tacos in honour of the movie Coco, there are different kinds of recipes that you can discover.

Dress Up Like the Characters

It is always exciting when you get to be the characters you love on screen. It does not matter what the character is; you would be surprised to see how the kids get creative with what they have to make them look almost the same. Just like cooking a themed meal, dressing up depends on the movie that the family chooses to watch. You can be Dorothy when watching The Wizard of Oz or your kids can be any Disney prince or princess if you decide to go for a Disney marathon. The benefits of dressing up stretch far beyond just to look pretty. Anyone can dream, hope, and use their imagination while playing dress-up. It allows children to play the role of someone or something unique and remarkable that reflects their character as well as current interests.

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