Party Planning 101: Four Simple Tips To Help Keep Party Costs Down

When you’re planning your little one’s birthday party, it’s a mixture of excitement, anticipation and stress. While it’s great to look forward to seeing their little faces light up and watch them enjoying being the centre of attention all whilst spending time with their friends, as a parent the main cause for concern is – as always – the financial side of things.

A venue, invitations, the food, the entertainment and the party bags, it all quickly adds up and if they’re desperate to invite their whole class, costs can quickly spiral out of control. My first piece of advice is to make sure you have all your birthday gifts sorted before you start planning a party – check out this toy range suitable for boys if you need a little inspiration –  that way you can budget more accurately, and you can get them exactly what they’ve asked for without too much worry. Once that is sorted, you can begin party planning. To help, we’re sharing four simple tips to help you keep party costs down and still give them the party they want.  

Keep the guest list short

It sounds brutal, and your little one might be disappointed at the prospect of not being able to invite their entire class, however when you consider the extra cost that comes with a longer guest list, e.g. food, tableware, party bags and even the venue, it makes sense to keep things modest. Let your child choose a handful of their closest friends and you’ll find that they still enjoy every moment of their special day. 

Technology is your friend

When it comes to party invites, it’s super simple to keep things cheap. Don’t worry about beautifully printed invites with exquisitely written names and details – they only end up crumpled in the recipient’s school bag before they’re put in the bin after their parents have R.S.V.P.’d. If you’re familiar with the parents of the children you’re going to invite, then a quick invitation via Facebook or email should do the trick. It’ll not only save you a bundle but a huge amount of time! Or, if you’re not in touch with other parents online, a simple typed invitation to each child will suffice.

The entertainment

When it comes to the party entertainment, it’s much cheaper and more cost-effective to let your creativity flow than it is to hire a magician for 30 minutes or pay for a brief appearance of their favourite cartoon character. Instead, consider creating the entertainment yourself. How about a treasure hunt through the house or in the venue? Craft party hats or enjoy some traditional party games like pass the parcel or musical chairs! The simpler the better.

The party bags

You want your child’s guests to leave feeling content, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost the earth! If your guest list is small enough, then consider purchasing a small book for each guest as a party favour, or any crafts they’ve made during the party can be taken home as treats instead! 

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