Four Underrated Spanish Cities You Should Consider Visiting this Summer

Spain is one of the most popular European destinations when it comes to summer holidays. It does not come as a surprise since Spain is famous for its Mediterranean and temperate climate. Although temperatures tend to get a bit too high in summer, the beautiful beaches and spectacular mountains provide visitors with enough breaths of fresh and cool air to enjoy their time in Spain. 

You might not have the time and the resources to visit all four cities mentioned below, but you should definitely go to at least one of them. You should also know that you will need a car in order to save time and energy while exploring all the places you’ve gone to see. Hiring a car with Enjoy Travel will help you succeed in the goal of getting to see as much as possible while you are also being safe and comfortable in a foreign country. It is worth clarifying however that locals will make you feel at home wherever you go in Spain. 

City 1: Malaga

We guess that you have heard of Pablo Picasso, the widely-known, respected and influential contemporary painter. Well, he was born in Malaga. Wouldn’t it be cool to visit his hometown and learn more about him? Of course, you can learn more about the art of painting in general by visiting the Carmen Thyssen Museum and the Pompidou Centre in Malaga. 

City 2: Toledo

Did you know that Madrid was not the first capital of Spain? Fun fact: Toledo was the first capital of Spain. This historical fact is not the only thing that makes it an interesting place to visit. The fact that it was one of the oldest cities built led to it being one of the places which were occupied by a diverse group of powerful tribes over the centuries like the Visigoths, the Moors and the Romans. This explains the old worship spots of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all around the city. 

City 3: Zaragoza

Zaragoza may not be included in the most popular Spanish cities, but it definitely makes the cut for the list of the cities with the most tourist activities (it doesn’t come as a great surprise if you know that it is the fifth largest city in Spain). The Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar cathedral, the Aljafería Palace, the ruins of the Teatro Romano de Caesaraugusta and River Ebro are just a few of the many attractions in the area. 

City 4: Palma de Mallorca

Palma is the capital of Mallorca, one of the autonomous Balearic Islands, which are part of Spain. It goes without saying that there are many beautiful beaches that you should visit there. Palma is perfect if you are interested in going to a place with a vibrant nightlife. This does not mean that there is no culture. On the contrary, you can visit the Es Baluard, a contemporary art museum, the Bellver Castle, the many art galleries and wander around the Old Town.

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