Days Out: Fruit Picking

A few weeks ago now we went for a mystery afternoon out courtesy of my sister. After driving round in (what felt like) circles for (what felt like) hours, we pulled in to Royal Oak Farm in Stockland, known for its farm shop, cream teas and, most importantly, fruit picking!

Fruit picking is one of my favourite things to do in the summer, stemming from heady childhood memories of running up and down the rows, stealing strawberries and raspberries and then getting to eat our bodyweight in the freshest fruit possible. It combines getting kids (and big kids) outdoors with fresh air, fresh fruit and hopefully fresh cakes/jams/desserts over the next few days. Unfortunately, as with a lot of things, over the last few years work has always gotten in the way of such activities so it was a real flashback to childhood to be stood, punnet in hand, amongst the laden plants.

Whilst Monket isn’t quite old enough yet to join in, we managed to baby carry to perfection… Allowing me to have all the fun and him to get in a quick nap before demanding some food too. Soft fruits are great for weaning, which unfortunately is out of season for us, but I can’t wait for next years fruit fest when he’s able to join in the fun!

Aside from the sneakily stolen snacks mid-pick (there are honesty boxes to pay into on the way out for those with a guilty conscience!), most fruit picking spots also have a cafe or icecream hut alongside so you can indulge after your hard work. We went for a cream tea which was enjoyed by all!

So get out and get picking!!!


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