How to Travel Safely With Your Family

Traveling with your family is the perfect way to escape the exhausting hustle-bustle of everyday life. Plus, it allows you to have exciting experiences, meet new people, and learn about different cultures and places. But traveling with your family can be a risky endeavor if you aren’t prepared. And you will have to look after them more diligently than at home. But don’t worry — we’ve compiled a complete guide to ensure your traveling experience is safe and relaxed!

Things To Do Before The Trip

Travel safety begins before you embark on your trip. Here are four things you should do before you start off your journey. 

1. Choose A Safe Destination

Traveling with family can be especially stressful if you choose the wrong destination. So before choosing a destination, research the safety and security situation in the area. Look for travel advisories issued by your country’s government, and read travel blogs and forums to learn about other people’s experiences.

Also consider the crime rate, political situation, and the availability of medical facilities where you will be visiting. A simple search on the internet or a consultation with a travel agent can provide you with all the information you need! You should also get familiar with the legal process in the area you are visiting, including court processes and writing a character reference. If you have young children, here are the top five destinations to travel with a toddler.

2. Choose Safe Accommodation

It’s not only important to choose a safe destination, but it’s also crucial to stay at a safe accommodation in a well-lit area with good transport links and a low crime rate. So before departing, read reviews of where you will be staying and pay attention to comments regarding security. Other people’s experiences can give you a realistic insight into what you can expect. 

Remember that different types of accommodation may have different levels of security. For example, a hotel may have 24-hour reception and security, unlike an Airbnb. So we recommend ditching an Airbnb when traveling with family, especially if your destination does not have a strong legal system in place. And once you find a good place to stay, give it a positive review to help others. This can be done by giving the accommodation a good rating and telling your friends about it.

3. Plan Alternative Routes

Whether traveling by road or air, you should always have backup routes planned just to be safe. You may need to change routes in case of flight cancellations, hazardous weather, political unrest, or just due to traffic in general. Having alternative routes in mind ensures that you don’t get stuck without food, a place to stay, or access to medical services.

4. Leave Your Valuables At Home

If you’re a native of a popular travel destination, you can probably spot tourists a mile away. Guess what? Thieves and pickpockets can do so as well! So, the last thing you want to do is bring your expensive new phone or shiny jewelery to vacation with you. Instead, enjoy your vacation experience without all those materialistic items.

Things To Bring Along

Now that you know what to do before your trip, let’s discuss what you should bring to your sojourn to make it safer.

1. A Working Cell Phone 

Phones can help you order food, book hotels, get medical assistance, and access banking services. Therefore, a functional and charged phone is a requirement for your vacation to be safe! Here are some of the longest-lasting smartphones in terms of battery life that you may consider switching to before your vacation.

2. A Basic Medical Kit

Injuries and illnesses are common on vacation, especially when traveling with kids. Luckily, most injuries don’t require a trip to the hospital. Instead, you need only basic medical supplies to be well-prepared for a vacation with your family. Bandaids, pain relievers, antiseptic wipes, and allergy medication should be enough for you and your family to survive your trip, so make sure to bring them along.

3. Proper Clothing

Depending on the location and time of year, the weather conditions of your travel destination may be harsh. And wearing appropriate clothing can help protect you and your family from hypothermia, heat exhaustion, sunburns, and other weather-related health issues. You also want to keep in mind planned activities when choosing clothes. For example, if your family plans on hiking, you’ll want to pack shoes with good traction, comfortable clothing, and a hat for sun protection. Wearing loose or baggy clothing can be dangerous in this case, as it can get caught on rocks or other obstacles.

Considerations To Make At The Destination

Congratulations! You’re already at your destination. But before you go out exploring the area, keep these things in mind.

1. Keep Travel Documents Safe

Losing your travel documents is all you need to make your vacation a logistical nightmare. Without them, you will be unable to board flights or identify yourselves for legal or medical purposes. In some countries, walking around without proper documentation can even make you end up in prison! So make sure to keep your and your family’s documents as safe as possible.

Here, your passport is the most important document to guard. And it’s essential to keep it properly concealed. We don’t just mean putting it in your pocket and hoping no one sees it. Instead, look for a document carrier that can be worn on your body and is not easily removable. Also, you should always wear your passport holder under your clothes to keep it out of sight. Here are the ten best passport holders of 2023!

2. Use ATMs In Safe Areas

It is not a good idea to carry large sums of cash on you when you’re traveling. Therefore, you may need to make frequent trips to the ATM. However, research and consult locals regarding the safest locations to draw money. Also, follow these 9 tips to help protect yourself at the ATM. Also, not all countries, cities, or localities have ATMs. So make sure you withdraw enough cash to survive until your next trip to the ATM!

3. Wait To Post Content On Social Media

From the first selfies taken at the airport to the last ones saying goodbyes to your destination, you may be tempted to narrate your entire vacation on social media. But when you share travel details, they may reach not only your friends but also criminals. For example, criminals can scan the QR codes on boarding passes shared online to gain information about you. So for your and your family’s safety, wait until after you return home to flood your social media with newly made memories!

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