Our Favourites: Gifts For Parents

When you’re a parent, Christmas is different. The focus shifts from gifts for yourself, to ensuring that it’s a magical and fun filled time for your little ones. Give your fellow parents a gift they’ll love this Christmas with our tried and tested selection and show them that they’re special to you. From your own partner to your friends, there’s something for everyone here…

‘The Lakes’ Gin Filled Bauble Set

Okay, so this might be better as a pre-Christmas gift given that you’ll probably want to display them on the tree but still… is there any better combination to get you into the holiday spirit (literally) than a tipple in a bauble? This set of six baubles contain gins from The Lakes Distillery set in the Lake District. With three different types of gin; their signature gin, sloe gin and damson gin, displayed in clear baubles, this set it the perfect gift for gin lovers. Which lets face it, most of us parents are. A steal at £34.99 and a nice twist on Christmas gift giving.


Whilst the cinema may be off limits without a babysitter, you can still offer entertainment with this £25 gift voucher for Netflix – a three month subscription to the premium streaming service. With firm favourites such as ‘Stranger Things’ through to movies like ‘La La Land’ and plenty of children’s shows for getting you some peace, you can combine the subscription with a month’s free trial to really maximise the gift!

Japanese Cookery Set

I love cooking. It’s one of the things I’ve missed most since becoming a parent, there never seems to be enough time to indulge in learning new recipes and spending hours in the kitchen. This authentic Japanese cookery set for £42 from Sous Chef is a great way to give people the gift of good food (and a little escapism!). It comes complete with a recipe book, cooking chopsticks and the main ingredients needed to take you from beginners recipes through to home favourites. From soups, to stews and sushi, you can even learn how to make my favourite; gyoza dumplings!

Sushi Making Kit

Did I mention my love of cooking? This smaller cookery set is a better option for wannabe chefs on a budget. For just £13.95, the sushi making kit (also from Sous Chef; my latest love for foodie daydreaming!) includes everything you need to get making sushi (except the fish/veggies)! A perfect stocking stuffer or secret santa gift, it’s also a fun way to get kids involved in eating sushi and learning about a new culture – that’s if you want to share!

Calligraphy Set

I always wanted to be able to perfect calligraphy; the idea of writing beautiful notes, cards and labels just appeals hugely! A relaxing (and useful) hobby, this Sheaffer calligraphy set is wonderfully priced at under £20 and makes a great gift for any wannabe crafter.

Winter Signature Candle

Is there such a thing as a non-candle loving mum? Even my husband loves them (he pretends not to!). The White Company have long been renowned for their gorgeous scented candles which last and last. Whilst there’s a huge selection of scents to get you through the whole year, nothing says winter like their Winter scent. Available in room sprays and various sized candles, this signature size is my favourite and lines the worksurfaces of our home from December 1st onwards.

Chocolate Sprouts

What do you get the person who’s a bit of a Bah Humbug?! Chocolate sprouts of course! This set of six solid white chocolate sprouts from Find Me A Gift are the ideal present for the Grinch in your life; realistic, delicious and less than £10! A twist on the much deliberated Christmas vegetable, these are bound to raise a few giggles. Just don’t cover them in gravy!

A Night Off

Funds tight? Give the gift that every parent wants. The gift of an evening out. Make your own babysitting voucher and offer up your services to free up an evening that’s child free. Not only is it wallet friendly, it’ll earn you some SERIOUS brownie points!

We have received samples of some items in this gift guide, however, all items are only included if we'd actually buy and recommend them!

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