Here’s how to spend more quality time with your little ones

You may think that you spend time with your child from the very first day you brought them into the world, but there’s time for parenting and there’s time for friendship.

Being a parent is far from easy, but anyone can agree that it’s a rewarding experience. Seeing your child growing and evolving is a reminder that you’re blessed to have them, but most parents don’t realise the passing of time, and that’s how a three-month-old turns into a three-year-old. As your child grows, they will become involved in activities such as going to school, summer camps, friends’ homes, staying with babysitters, etc. The little time you have to spend together becomes so precious that you wish to stop it for a while.

To get the most of your time spent with your little ones, consider these activities:

Go for a walk

Who says that once you have kids, you can’t travel anymore? The truth is that you have to make some changes to your schedule, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have fun if you take your children with you. You don’t even need to drive so far; think about a recreational walk in the park or one of your favourite places in town. If you have a baby, it’s even recommended to take a walk together both for your and your baby’s health. This helps you both sleep better at night and improve your wellness. As a new mum, it can be quite stressful to take care of all daily chores while also keeping an eye on your child. However, regular walking can help against daily stress, being also an excellent way to connect with your kids. Ensure you have a push chair to make walks more enjoyable and increase your baby’s comfort. The last thing you want is for them to start crying because of an uncomfortable position.

If you decide on a drive, think about your baby’s safety before jumping in the car. The best way to travel with your baby is to keep them in a car seat, and this way, you avoid potential harm in case of an accident. Companies like Maxi-cosi, for example, offer a range of car seats so that you can choose one that best suits your baby’s needs.

Engage in playtime

It is crucial to let your kids know that their world matters to you, and one of the best ways to do that is to play their games. We know that your time might not allow this but try as much as possible to engage in playtime with your children; through this activity, they will not see only a parent in your, but a friend, too. You can ask for details about their favourite games and let them explain the rules, but don’t let yourself be defeated. Although this will bring them a sense of satisfaction, they will easily become bored and most probably will know that you do it on purpose. You’ll see that caring about the things your children care about brings moments of real bonding and great memories. So, if you have the chance to get involved in games and fun activities with the little ones, don’t have a second thought.

You can also involve your kids with daily chores like setting the table, dishwashing, and cooking. Doing all these things together will strengthen the bond and make them feel a sense of worthiness.

Speak your child’s love language

According to the author of the bestseller “The 5 Love Languages”, each individual can possess a love language, including quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, and receiving gifts. We know that it might be challenging to discover your child’s love language at first, but if you pay attention to some aspects of your daily communication and interaction, you’ll soon realise that your kids have at least one of these languages. The concept of love language is nothing more than what it takes for someone to feel loved. Thus, consider speaking in each of the above-mentioned languages and see how your child reacts to them. When you observe a positive change in their mood when you cuddle them or hold their hands, for example, it means that one of their love languages is given by physical touch.

Read to your child

Maybe it’s obvious, but this is one of the most beloved activities, especially when it comes to toddlers. Children cherish these moments when you bring them into the world of books, so consider reading your kids a story whenever you can. Bedtime is the best moment to read to them because it helps them fall asleep faster. Besides, they learn new vocabulary with each book read, and when they grow up, they’ll be able to understand more words and communicate easier. If you read to your kids from the very first months, there are chances for them to start speaking sooner than you think. If you’re wondering what books would be better to read to your little ones, those containing simple, familiar, and repetitive text are excellent. Musical and rhyming text are also top children’s preferences, so try them out and see how your kids will react to them.

Have a special bedtime ritual

You can use the pre-bed hour as a chance to spend more time with your kids. Some small practices like simply talking and listening to them, saying good night, and preparing them for sleep show them how much you care and how valuable they are to you. Don’t forget to prepare the room for sleep, so turn off electronics, draw the curtains, and make sure the sheets are fresh and clean. If your baby is crying, soothe them with a cuddle, tell them a story, and remain with them until they fall asleep. Find out what habits align with your children’s needs and ensure you make them age-appropriate. You can confer with other mums in the neighbourhood to learn from each other’s experiences so that next time you’ll know how to handle an unpleasant situation.

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