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With a new baby imminent, we’re firmly in the final planning and sorting stages. Packing hospital bags, sorting labour plans and filling the freezer with food galore, but there’s one job still left to do… finding gifts for our bigger two children! Whilst gifts for new siblings may not be on everyone’s radar, we’ve found in the past that it served two purposes; stopped them from feeling left out at all the new baby’s gifts and helped kickstart that affection for their new sibling. When it comes to buying for the new big siblings, you want things that are age appropriate (the less adult involvement, the better!), affordable and most importantly, highly entertaining, which is why there’s really nowhere better to look than Wicked Uncle for those brilliant children’s presents!

Why Wicked Uncle?

Wicked Uncle is the home of brilliant children’s presents. Awarded both gold and platinum from Feefo in 2020, Wicked Uncle offer a huge variety of children’s gifts aimed at all ages, interests and budgets. Even as a parent, I slightly dread trying to find gifts, for my own kids and others… especially when it’s not for an age range that I’m used to! Wicked Uncle remove the stress, allowing you to filter by age so that you can buy confident in the knowledge that it’s age appropriate. Take it further by choosing from a range of categories based on their interest and you’re practically given a tailor made list perfect for your intended recipient… and you just know it’s going to be fun, unusual and a little bit different because that’s their specialty!

One of our favourite features is that Wicked Uncle offer a gift wrapping and card writing process (written by hand!), so even when you’re sending gifts from afar you still get that personal touch. And, if you’re looking for advice and inspiration, you can check out their blog posts… jam packed with helpful hints and ideas to help you get the perfect gift, every single time, no matter what the occaision.

Do I Really Need To Get A New Sibling A Gift?

Gifts for older siblings definitely aren’t something you have to consider, even if you decide to get the new baby a gift. Whether you’re giving them from the new baby to your own, older children or you’re giving them to the new older siblings of friends and families, they can however serve the following purposes;

  1. Help them feel included – new babies often attract lots of cards, gifts and attention, so by bringing a little something for the new big brothers and sisters, you’re helping stop them from feeling left out.
  2. Help to entertain them – new babies take a lot of parental attention and balancing that with looking after children can be difficult and exhausting. A well placed new toy or activity can give the new parents a guilt free moment of peace, whether that’s spent feeding the baby or taking a well earned five minutes peace!
  3. Help prevent resentment of a younger sibling – we chose to give our older children gifts from the new baby to help kickstart that sibling affection. Yes, we’re not above buying our kids affection, or atleast starting things off on the right note! Many people won’t feel that’s necessary, but it worked for us in the past and we’ll take whatever help we can get in easing that familial transition.

Overall, our past experience is that they’re always well received, no matter how big or small they are. I’d almost go as far to say that they’re more appreciated than the stream of gifts for the new arrival itself, especially things that entertain the bigger kids. If it gives us parents a helping hand in dealing with the emotional rollercoaster for new siblings (‘I love my new sister, can she go back now?’) then you can guarantee it will go down a treat.

Some Of Our Favourites…

Even after filtering down by age and interest, there are still plenty of perfect presents to choose from for our little ones. Some of our favourites include;

Janod Wooden Camera – Ideal for younger, budding photographers, they’ll be able to join you in the snapping frenzy as you capture moments from those precious newborn days. The Janod Wooden Camera has lights and sounds making for a realistic role-playing experience… say cheese!

Dinosaur Creativity Book – 80 pages packed full of activities for dinosaur loving littles. With stickers, colouring and even mask making activities, we love a good activity book for some quiet but educational time, and you even get to build your own dinosaur!

Paint Sticks – Once you’ve tried paint sticks, you’ll never want to go back to the mess of normal painting again. Paint Sticks are perfect for creative children, allowing them to express their artistic sides with no mess – simply use them like large crayons and get vibrant, paint-like results. Honestly, we’re complete converts.

Oscar The Dog – A member of the Ragtales family, Oscar is the perfect size for little hands to hold. Soft and snuggly, Oscar makes a great companion for adventures, whilst his removable clothes mean children can dress him up and down as much as they like. We own a few Ragtales creations and they make for a beautiful new best friend.

My First Petting Zoo – Play it as a game together or let them use their imaginations during free play with the animals, this (super cute) petting zoo set is ideal for entertaining younger members of the family. Explore the senses by matching the spinner texture to the animal; it’s sneakily educational and guaranteed to give hours of entertainment!

Live Butterfly Garden – Start with caterpillars and watch them grow into beautiful butterflies before letting them loose in the garden. Great for any age, this is a gift that keeps giving thanks to the daily checks on caterpillar development! We trialled this set last year and I’m not sure who was more enthralled; us or the kids! Best of all, you really don’t need to do anything to enjoy the magic, simply order your caterpillars and then watch them grow in the pot they come in.

And that’s just a small snippet of what’s on offer – for more ideas and gift inspiration, for little kids all the way up to big ones, why not check out Wicked Uncle?

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  • Emma Chanagasubbay 26th February 2021 at 8:21 pm

    This is such a lovely idea and I love these choices!

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