Great Toys For Babies And Young Children

Christmas will be here before you know it, so if you’re looking for some great toys for a baby’s first Christmas, here are some ideas:

A baby piano toy

A baby piano toy is a great toy for any young child. It will introduce them to the world of music from a very small age but it will also bring many other benefits that you may not realize. And of course, in addition to this, it is a source of endless fun that will bring a smile to your child’s face imminently. Plus, you can even play a little tune while swaddling your baby to sleep. There are lots of different types of baby swaddles, so you should have no trouble finding the right one for you.

Some of you may have passed a baby piano toy in the shop and thought “wow, that looks like great fun for my child” others may have not taken any notice. Either way, many of you may not have considered the head start you are giving your child by buying them a baby piano toy. It is well documented that research shows children who play the toy piano have improved academic performance at school, in fact, they perform exceptionally well at maths. Who wouldn’t want to give their child a great basis for excellent academic learning?

A baby piano toy is suitable for children between the age range of one to four years old, so it is a great place to start for your little one. They often come with color-coordinated keys to help your child as they are just starting off. All in all a toy piano will help improve your child’s coordination as they are using their hands and brain and sight all at once.

In addition to this playing, a piano will boost your child’s self-esteem and build their confidence. As they learn to play better and learn new melodies they will simply flourish. Self-confidence is essential for any child, those that lack it often fails to reach their full potential because they do not feel self-assured. By improving this, it will improve the child’s performance at school and in other activities but it will also improve their relationship with both family and friends.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider whilst buying a baby piano toy is that they will provide your child with hours of fun. There is nothing better than looking at your child happy and smiling and enjoying their little toy. Children tend to learn better whilst they are having fun, in fact, they won’t even realize they are learning. This is a great advantage because when children are aware they are doing something educational they tend to associate it with being a chore and being boring.

All in all, it is fair to say that buying a baby toy piano is a sound investment, whether your child takes a musical path in life, finds a new hobby, or simply learns a few key skills. You will notice improvements in your child’s performance in other aspects of life and even in their relationships with other people as their self-confidence flourishes. So watch your child smile and giggle with endless fun whilst they always learn key skills and develop creativity and coordination. 

A dollhouse

Seeing your little girl laugh and smile as she plays with her favorite toys is something every parent loves to see. There are lots of toys available today for your little princess but an all-time favorite and a certain hit is a kid dollhouse. However, with lots of different types of dollhouses on the market there are lots to consider when buying your child this precious toy. You have to factor in the size of it, reputation, style, color, and what type of kid dollhouse it is. 

The first thing to think about is the size of this entertaining toy. If your child is really young then try and hit a happy medium by buying a dollhouse that is not too small but not too tall. If the dollhouse is too small it won’t appeal to the child however if it is too big the child will probably try to push it over and break it. Another thing to contemplate is the number of dolls your child already owns. If your child already has lots of dolls, which can often be the case with young girls, then you need a kid dollhouse that will accommodate all of them.

When buying anything in life it is important to consider their reputation. If something has a bad reputation the chances are there is probably a good reason why. Try and do your research to find out which dollhouses have the best feedback. An example of a highly regarded dollhouses is the Melissa and Doug range, they specialize in educational toys for children. 

What kid dollhouse you buy also depends on the age of your child. If you have a young child than you need to make sure you pick a more basic toy with large pieces of furniture as children often try to put small toys in their mouths. If your child is older you can buy them more quaint and intricate pieces. They may also like Victorian-style houses and other traditional versions.

Furthermore, you must also regard the color of the dollhouse. Most girl’s toys tend to be pink. Pink is a color full of energy thus it animates the child and makes them excited. However, not all girls fit the stereotypical mold of loving the color pink, other colors that tend to be popular are lemon or baby blue.

All in all, it is important to consider all of these different factors when buying your child a dollhouse as it is a toy they will cherish for life. Take the time to decipher what color and size would suit your child best. Think about whether they would want a Victorian-style house or a Barbie house. And most importantly do your research, check to see if the dollhouse you are going to buy has had good feedback from other customers before you make the purchase. Follow these key guidelines and you are assured to see your little girl laughing and smiling every day whilst she plays with her favorite toy.

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