Three Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night

Sleeping is essential in our lives as humans and is as vital as having a balanced diet and frequent exercise. Getting enough quality sleep can prove beneficial to your physical and mental well-being. Research reveals that poor sleep has been linked to weight growth and an increased risk of disease in adults and children. It also has an immediate negative impact on hormone levels, exercise capacity, and brain function. One of the most vital things you can do to improve your health or reduce weight is to have a good night’s sleep. The tips below can help you achieve that.

Get a comfortable bed, mattress, and pillows

Your bed, mattress, and pillow can significantly impact the quality of your sleep as well as joint or back problems. Having a good bed can significantly improve your sleep and lower your stress. Elements in your bedroom, such as a back support mattress, will help you sleep better at night while protecting your spine. For a long-term good night’s sleep, you should consider changing your mattress at least every 5 to 8 years. After getting the appropriate mattress, it would help if you were also mindful of your sleeping position, so you don’t negatively affect your posture and expose yourself to issues such as severe back pain.

Don’t drink alcohol right before bed

Drinking a few beers at bedtime can negatively impact your hormones and sleep. Snoring and many sleep disruption symptoms have also been linked to alcohol consumption among other causes. Another study discovered that drinking alcohol at night reduces the human growth hormone levels that naturally rise at night, which is important for your circadian rhythm and serves several other important roles. People who frequently drink at night can experience insomnia symptoms and feel overly exhausted the next day. So to have a good night’s sleep, avoid excessive alcohol at night to prevent long-term health conditions, including anxiety and depression. Consider aromatic tea, water, or other healthier options if you want something to drink before bed. This way, you feel relaxed and settled just before bed.

 Optimise your bedroom experience

It would be best if you always made a conscious effort to keep your bedroom peaceful and cool, with dim lighting in the evenings. This is because you may find it harder to sleep when there are distractions such as a flashing TV screen, bright lighting or loud music. To ensure a good rest, you must avoid using light-emitting screens like your phone or laptop when it’s close to bedtime. Studies show that electrical light exposure before and during sleep inhibits melatonin- the hormone in charge of controlling sleep-wake cycles. It would help if you also developed a bedtime routine to help you relax, such as taking a shower before sleeping or lighting some scented candles to calm your senses.

The amount and quality of sleep you get are vital. Sleeping better at night takes a lot of effort and consistency and can significantly impact your physical and mental health. With the tips above, you are sure to improve the quality of your sleep and have a good night’s rest.

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