Simple Ways To Make Sure That Your Home Stays Clean And Tidy

There’s a lot of advice out there on how to turn your house into the perfect home, or how to create the perfect atmosphere in any room. You know what people tend not to give you advice on? How to keep it that way. We all seem to know how to “revitalize” our homes in new and exciting ways, but then what? How many times have to tried something in your home that you read online and found it to be a wonderful change to your room, for all of two weeks? Then whatever you’ve done seemed to get obscured by the realities of daily life. Kid’s toys, important post, and general household clutter seem to do everything they can to turn your newly revitalized home back into its former self. The truth is, the reason these quick fixes are only temporary solutions is that they’re just that: quick fixes. In reality, the key to a home that feels fresh, cozy and comfortable is much more difficult and way duller. It’s about keeping your house in the state you worked so hard for when you first made those changes. Here are a few ways that you can keep on top of things and make sure your home stays as clean and bright as it deserves.

Don’t neglect the little things

A lot of the time we can point to great big things as a source of the problems in our homes. Rooms that are terribly laid out, hideous furnishings and borderline offensive wallpaper. But really, a lot of the things that can make a room feel dull and drab can be much more subtle. Even a thin layer of dust can have a remarkable effect on the quality of light in a room. It’s like the stuff sucks up all the light and color in a room, keeping it trapped and leaving the room gray and depressing. The same goes for your carpets. You might think that a deep clean now and then will work wonders, and it will! But unless you’re running the vacuum over it regularly, all those wonders will get un-worked pretty darn fast. Even making sure that you clear unwanted smells such as smoke will help. These little jobs might seem like they don’t make that much of a difference, and on their own, they might not. But they start to add up over time, and when they do, they can undo all your previous hard work.

Get some help

Now this might be a little bit controversial. Many people thumb their noses at the idea of getting someone else to come and help with their housework. That feeling comes from that strange attitude that your worth is based on how perfectly you keep your home in order. That attitude is, quite frankly, total nonsense. Lot’s of us work and live busy, demanding lives. The idea of someone being able to work, raise their kids and cook the family meals and still having the time and energy to keep their house looking perfect belongs with elves and wizards. Because it’s pure fantasy. Hiring a live in housekeeper allows you to keep your house looking great without completely exhausting yourself. A lot of the time you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank either. Plenty of housekeeping services are pretty affordable these days. Either way, it’s a small price to pay for a comfortable home that you don’t have to break your back for.

The reality of keeping your home clean and tidy is that it requires you to develop a lot of good habits. That’s not always an easy thing to do but it’s well worth it and after a while, it becomes something you no longer even have to think about.


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