Homeowners: Here Are 5 Excellent Ways of Protecting your Home

Buying a home is an expensive and worthy investment that requires you to protect it. Unfortunately, burglaries are rampant and cost you a lot, hence the need to discuss home security. Protecting your home provides protection not only for your assets but also for you and your family. The following are excellent ways to protect your home.

Know your neighbours

Knowing the people that live near you does more than provide friendly and familiar faces; it is also a safety measure. Other than approaching people in your neighbourhood when considering buying a home in the area, get to know them personally after moving in. You can prevent burglaries when you have more people keeping an eye on your house; you’d do the same for your neighbours. Also, knowing your neighbours can help you identify suspicious people in your home area and take prompt action.

Keep a dog

Apart from dogs being man’s best friend and great companions, they also provide security. Dogs are vigilant animals with a great sense of smell and can tell when someone poses a danger to their owners. If someone enters your home without your knowledge, your dog will immediately alert you by barking. More so, the presence of a dog in itself can keep away burglars.

Enhance lighting

Properly placed and adequate lighting around your home is sometimes enough to deter burglars. Burglars work well in dark areas because it gives them cover; when you eliminate this, they are discouraged and move to easy targets. For lighting to be more effective in protecting your home, automate it in that if someone walks close by, the lights automatically switch on. Similarly, you can install timers for your lights to give the impression that there’s someone at home even when you’re away on vacations or business trips.

Build a fence

Living in a secure neighbourhood doesn’t guarantee 100% protection; if you leave your home exposed, it gives burglars an easy target as they can study everything that goes on. Building a fence makes it harder for burglars to learn your home; it also gives them a challenge before getting to your doorstep. Fence your home by creating a perimeter wall, growing a hedge, and installing an electric fence. Use the right fencing components for enhanced safety, and be sure to trim shrubs and bushes that provide suitable hiding spaces.

Install a home security/alarm system

A home security system is essential when protecting your home; you can keep an eye on your home and unwanted guests even when you’re away through the cameras connected to a mobile app. This way, if there’s ever a burglary, you can alert the police fast and produce the footage as evidence. You can choose to have a state-of-the-art smart or DIY security system provided that whichever you opt for serves its purpose. Additionally, install an alarm system that goes off whenever there’s a break-in.

When you’re a new homeowner, creating a comfortable home is your priority; you can furnish it, add decorations, and make repairs, but don’t forget to protect your investment and the lives of those around you. Protect your home by fencing it, installing a home security/alarm system, and enhancing lighting. Also, keep a dog and make a point of knowing your neighbours.

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