How to combine child care and work?

You have received an interesting job offer and would like to accept it, but you are not sure whether you can combine the care of a small child and work? Or have you agreed with your partner that you will switch on parental leave? Or do you work from home? Everything is manageable, but returning to work requires thorough organisation. Many aspects of this decision need to be considered before you return to work. Especially the financial side of things. Which one of you makes more money? Then you need to think about whether it is appropriate for your partner to go on parental leave instead of you if he earns more – would you handle family expenses with your salary? 

If you work both, your partner full-time and you part-time, you need to provide either a nanny, kindergarten, or other smart solution. Babysitting by grandparents is also offered as a solution, but this option is eliminated nowadays because most grandparents are not yet retired. Public kindergartens accept children from the age of two, but in reality, this age is more of an exception. Then it is necessary to choose a private kindergarten or a private children’s group, which entails higher tuition fees. Many companies today also offer a company kindergarten, which is usually cheaper for employees, but it is still not a budget-friendly solution. In the case of kindergartens, make sure that the staff is qualified, go see the facilities, get acquainted with the daily rhythm of children. Pay attention to the daily food menu, sleeping rituals, and hygiene habits.

Advantages of the kindergarten:

  • The child will be in contact with other children.
  • Varied program and creative environment.
  • Qualified staff.
  • The child learns new skills and habits.

If you want a babysitter, pay attention to recommendations. Whether you are looking for an advertisement or through an agency. Always request references from previous families, a criminal record, and evidence of qualifications and experiences. The nanny should fit you and your child too. The nanny shouldn’t raise serious doubts in no case, pay attention to your intuition.

Advantages of a nanny:

  • The child spends time in a familiar comfortable environment with one person.
  • The nanny adapts to the child’s daily rhythm, not the other way around.
  • There is no frequent illness due to the stay in the group of many children.
  • No stress from taking the child to and picking up the child from the kindergarten.
  • You can control what your child eats, how he spends time, how and whether he sleeps, and how he behaves.

If you have the opportunity to work from home, then you have won, because we have for you a simple smart budget-friendly solution – Annie baby monitor app. If you choose a home office and Annie Baby Monitor then all you have to do is download this baby monitor app on at least two devices, set up a baby unit near the child’s play/sleep area, and start monitoring.

Advantages of the Annie Baby Monitor:

  • The child spends time at home with his parent.
  • There is no stress (for parents and for children) from leaving the child with another unknown person.
  • You will have the child under control 24/7 when the child will play, even if he’ll sleep.
  • Annie costs a fraction compared to other solutions and even compared to hardware baby monitors – the price starts at $4.99.
  • Annie can be tried for free for three days, then you can purchase a subscription as needed – subscription is weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime. 
  • Annie has a lot of special features which will help you in child care – picture in picture for multitasking, soothing baby by talking thru the app, lullabies and white noise, motion detection, night vision, audio and video recording, audio activity chart, zoom.

You don’t have to use the baby monitor only when your child is a baby. Annie will become an indispensable helper even if your child grows up.

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