How To Downsize Your Purse Without Sacrificing Style & Necessities

How many times have you reached for your purse only to be surprised at the sheer weight of it? According to a study conducted by the USDA, the average weight of a woman’s purse is 5.2lbs, which is far above the suggested maximum of 2.2lbs. All this extra weight is horrible for your back, neck, shoulders, and posture. The added weight can also leave you feeling sluggish and tired as you carry it around.

But here’s the thing, not only is your purse a necessity, but it also acts as a fashion statement. It is part of your outfit, it can pull things together, and it truly helps to set your personal style. So how do you go about downsizing it without sacrificing the necessities where fashion and needs are concerned? Let’s take a closer look.

Purchase a Smaller Purse

It may sound simple, but it’s one of the best tips out there. By purchasing a smaller purse, you just won’t be able to fill it as full, as you will be restricted by its size. Take for example the classic medium envelope Saint Laurent bag – available through SSENSE

The great thing about this purse is that you will still have ample room for necessities, but all those “extras” that you seem to accumulate just won’t have a spot. Combine that with the fact that it is ultra-posh and stylish looking, and you’ll be looking and feeling great.

SSENSE carries a wide array of designer purses and bags in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. What this means is that you’re bound to find something that will count as downsizing but will still deliver that high-end fashion statement you’re after.

Look for a Purse with Organisational Features

A purse that offers organisation features can also help you to downsize as you won’t be carrying around duplicate items. Many of the high-end designer bags are known for having various pockets and compartments built-in. These pockets and compartments are fashionable, but they also serve a function. 

You can have that dedicated spot for your cosmetics for on-the-go touch-ups, your phone, a pen, your credit cards and cash, and so forth. You’ll quickly see what you have and where it is.

That’s What the Baby Tote is For

Another thing to remind yourself of is the fact your purse is just that – YOUR purse. It shouldn’t act as the catch-all for all of your necessities plus whatever your kids may need. It’s time to start telling yourself that’s what the baby tote is for. 

Think of it this way, a baby tote is yet another fashionable accessory you can purchase so you can again find one that works with your look. Today’s baby bags are much trendier and more stylish than ever before – in fact, the majority of them look like high-end tote bags, not a baby bag. 

You can pick one in a bright colour, a neutral understated colour, wide fashionable straps, and so forth. It doesn’t even have to be classified as a baby bag; it can just be a large women’s tote bag by your favourite designer.

Look Stylish and Trendy without the Added Weight

Each of these tips will help you to look stylish and trendy without the need to carry around tons of added weight!

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