How To Improve Your Outdoor Space And Add Value To Your Home

Looking to add value to your home? One of the easiest ways of raising your property value is to ensure that your outdoor space is working for your home. Not only will it boost your house’s worth, it’ll also make it far more enjoyable for you to live in as well! When it comes to making the most of your garden or outdoor space, there are plenty of different things you can do in order to get it into shape. Here, we share some of our favourites, at a variety of price points, so that you can get inspired and see what could work for your home…

Make It Safe And Secure

We’ve talked before about how to make your garden more kid friendly but whether you have kids or pets or neither, the security of your outdoor space should be high on the agenda. You want to feel safe whether you’re outside or inside, whether that’s focused on keeping people and pets in or keeping unwanted visitors out. Fencing your garden, whether it’s with wooden slat fence panels or something more hardwearing such as metal fencing from Doogood Steel Fencing, will do exactly that. With a variety of different styles and heights available, you can choose between closed panel fencing that stops people from being able to see in, through to very open, railing-style fences that are more about making your boundary clear.

Think Storage

Gardens come with their own tranche of tools, machines and bits and bobs required to keep them neat, tidy and usable. From lawn mowers to leaf blowers, chair cushions to garden trowels, the pile can quickly add up into a small mountain. If you’re working on improving your outdoor space, try to include storage that will adequately meet your needs, so that you’re not left with items getting damaged by the weather outside or having to take up space inside the house. Consider adding in a shed or even a half-height storage unit if you’re limited for space. You can either have these up against the house, hidden in a corner or make more of a feature of them by painting them! Whatever you do, make sure that your storage has a good roof to it, you want to make sure that your belongings aren’t getting wet in between use. If you’re serious about adding storage, consider adding a more permanent structure which in time could be used as an additional room for your home – summer houses and wooden offices are increasingly popular these days and add plenty of value along with usable space!

Make It Multi-Functional

A garden doesn’t just have to be for sitting in, it’s also a space that should be working hard for you as an extension of your home. Whether that’s including dining areas that come directly off of your house, giving you an extra room in good weather, or you want it to be a centre for fitness by getting the pool builders in and adding a pool. Think about the needs of your family and if you’re struggling, then consider the needs of what future residents may like – maybe an area for quiet reading at one end, a patio space for entertaining at another. By making your garden multi-functional, you’ll not only make it more appealing but you’re likely to use it a lot more!

Give Yourself The Illusion Of Space

No matter the size of your garden, there are ways to make your outdoor space seem bigger. Firstly, whilst it can be tempting to try and cram lots into your garden, unless you have a substantial plot of land, less is more! By trying to make your garden contain everything, you can quickly make it look cramped and smaller than it is. And whilst cottage gardens may be tempting, they require a lot of work, can look busy and can be off-putting to potential buyers who want something simple to upkeep. Instead, keep your layout simple and allow the parts of your garden to flow into each other. Need to include kids toys? Try using natural screening such as trellis, climbing plants or screens to keep the areas separate and clearer. Don’t forget that keeping all the bits and bobs in good storage will not only protect them as suggested earlier but also help keep things feeling less cluttered! If you’ve got a smaller space or darker areas, consider using things like outdoor mirrors to reflect the light and give an illusion of more space. Remember to keep hedges and larger plants trimmed back as these can slowly encroach on usable space without you realising!

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