How To Make Your Home Decor Last Longer

Whenever you buy furniture for your property, you purchase it with the intention of seeing it last for as long as possible. Sometimes that can happen if you invest in quality, but even then, sometimes without the right care and attention, it’s life can get cut short. Here are some tips on how to make your home decor last longer.

Protect Fabrics From Sunlight

One way that some homeware pieces can become damaged is through sunlight, and it’s effect on fabrics and certain surfaces. For example, if your sofa sits in the same spot for several years, when you remove it, the carpet will likely be darker. That’s because the sunlight that’s hitting your carpet is fading the colour. The same thing is then happening to your sofa, to the headboard on your bed, etc. So to protect these types of fabrics from fading, try to protect it using a UV window film. This can be really good for adding a barrier between the sunlight and your furniture.

Keep Up With The Cleaning

Cleaning on a weekly or almost daily basis, even if it’s just sprucing up a few things here and then can do wonders for your home decor. The more you keep on top of it, the less likely that things will rot or rust, break down or just fall apart. If it helps, it’s worth to have a list of ‘to-do’s’ around the property that you can use to ensure that you’ve done everything you need to keep your home clean. Get the rest of the household involved too so that it’s not just you doing all the legwork. If you have children, it’s a good way of teaching them to look after their things and that any messes caused, will need to be cleaned up.

Use Soft Furnishings

With furniture like your sofa or an armchair, various bits of it will start to wear down as seating tends to be the most used furniture of your home. It’s only natural that over time, certain fabrics and materials won’t be able to withstand such regular use for more than a period of time. With care and protectants used, you may get a few extra years out of it. However, it’s worth investing in a few soft furnishings like throws and cushions to keep them protected and to cover any scuffed material up while saving for a new sofa.

Provide Good Ventilation

It may sound silly, but ventilation is important to your home because it’s good to air out all the musty air that forms when washing clothing to cooking, to showering and using the bathroom in general. If you don’t ventilate places where condensation will naturally form, this is where mould and mildew can form. Once these have started to build up, if ignored, it can end up causing more problems like damp, which affects the structure of your home.

Getting the most out of your money is what we all want, so take the care and advice given to give your home decor the best chance of lasting forever!

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